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Miss Elizabeth Masters, Bloomington ,IL provided the following information to me in 1986. Miss Masters did not indicate when she had obtained the following information. At the top of the page she typed “Information below copied from papers belonging to someone related to Clinton S. Woodward by Mrs. Woodward.., and who lived on a farm in Jessamine Co. She did not remember who the person was, but a friend by the name of Thelma had taken her there. These are the papers, photocopies of which were sent to me by Mrs. Rose, her daughter.” In Miss Masters letter dated 11 November 1986 forwarding the information she states “Enclosing copy of notes found by Mrs. Clinton S. Woodard in an old Woodward Bible located by her several years ago in Jessamine County. These notes were rather crudely written and contained some inaccuracies, but we have been lucky to receive them in that form as another Woodward researcher later located the same bible and someone had taken it upon themselves to rewrite them and had “corrected” them to a point that some of the valuable information contained in the original notes had been edited out.” I, Donald Woodson Woodard, have added information in parentheses at the end of each paragraph to clarify the original information.
Chesley Woodward Whoe Was gide many trips to kentucky in 1775 up till he located in kentucky on the olde farme wher W.P.Harris died the farm had bin in family for Over a hundred year. He was mared to Lavinie Wilkerson 1790 Bothe of Old virginia from near Richmond vieginia and lived ther untill died and had 12 children Born to them the first was Born ded the next lis of them I give on further on. (Miss Masters has a note that states that information was about two Chesleys, father and son, the elder Chesley settled in Fayette, now located in Clark, County as early as 1780 or 1786. Chesley Jr was born in Bedford County, VA.)
Robert Woodward was Born in 1790 and lived until he was maried he maried Pole Mallen and Moved to Logan county Ketcky wher he lived until he died he was olde Baptist Preacher and Loved by all whoe knew him and preached in same church for 40 years had 3 children. (Robert was born 4 February 1797 and married Polly Spencer about 25 February 1816.)
James Woodward Was Born in 1793 and Lived on farm untill Mared he Mared Betsy Nave a daughter of Lenard Nave, daughter and moved to indiana to Shelby County Ner to Shelbyvill and in Bout 1840 moved to West Constin he and his wife died in Wisconsin he had a large family. (James was born about 1799 and married Elizabeth Nave about 31 August 1818, daughter of Leonard Nave and Margaret Miller. Moved to Shelby County, IN in 1828 and moved to Dane County, WI in 1840.)
Hilery Woodward Was Born 1801 Lived on farm untill he died he married Malinda Boatman a dauter of Henry Boatman who lived near Chrisna mill whoe was seposed to bee killed while driving a drove of horses South neve cold bee found hin 2 negroe boys was all Lost his wife soon pined a way and died leaving three children to the Marcie of friends 2 girls 1boy was Consus and Malinda and Mariea who went indiana. Settled neaar Indianapolis. Conrad died while singal Mariah married man by the name of CatRight had 1 dagter but never cold be found. The mother was by the name Alaga. (Hillery was born 18 Dec 1800. Hillery married 30 September 1824 Malinda Boatman, the daughter of Henry and Alaga Boatman. Malinda died 28 Oct 1842. Hillery married Nancy Duncan about 5 August 1843.)
Permele Woodward 1803 and married Charles Carter and moved to Washington County Carter went crazy and died his wife lived to bee some 87 years old had family who lived in Mercer county. This Charley Carter was a son of the olde Charley Carter was pioneer and married a Miss Tap who lived near Segaria Jessamine Co. KY. (Miss Masters has a notation of Logana by Segaria. Permelia died 1890 and had nine children.)
Rusel Woodward in 1805 Lived on farm untill maried he married Kissier Bruner a daughter of Christin Brunner who lived in Jessamine Co. Ky. They raised large family and a good Christin man. (William Russell married Keziah Bruner daughter of Christian Bruner and Frances Crouch about 16 March 1830. They had nine children. William Russell died 14 October 1885)
Nancy Woodward in 1807 Lived on farm untill maried and maried Henry Sagasa lived in Jessamine Co,kentucky untill died. Raised large family.(Nancy married Henry Sageser.)
Wesley Woodward in 1809. Lived on farm untill Married he married Mary Elzander daughter of Thomas Elexansander of virginia had moved to kentucky and he moved to Night town in indiana and raised a large family and has neve back to Kentucky and is now ded ther has ben little heard of him sensce he left kentucky by next kin. This was very peculiar man believed being sane.(Thomas Wesley Woodward married Judith Mary Alexander 15 June 1827, four children were born in Jessamine County before they moved to Shelby County, IN in 1834. Seven more children were born in Shelby County, IN. William Russell died 15 September 1879 and Judith Mary died 8 April 1895.)
Pollie Woodward in 1812 Lived on the farme and went on visit to indiana and married a man by name of Malen and has never bin back to kentucky sense and but little has bin herd of since. Lived Shelby county. (Polly married Hugh T. Gatewood about 26 December 1833.)
Jane Woodward 1n 1814 Lived on farme untill died and never married.
Sariea Woodward in 1816 She married George Gaines of Shelby County indiana who was the Sheriff of Co. For many years. A good man of the kind.(Sarah married Richard George Gaines about 1 August 1841.Richard was not the sheriff of Shelby County. Sarah and Richard had ten children.)
Green B. Woodward in 1818 Married Jacobs Rohrer and lived but a short time and died and married the second wife and moved to illinois in 1851 and raised a large family upon what known as Macknagh some 40 miles North of Bloomington McClure Co. Illinois. Lived to be some 86 years olde. (Greenberry married Elizabeth Ann Rohrer 5 July 1838 and married Emily Hicks 23 October 1841. Greenberry moved to near Colfax, McClean County.,IL Greenberry and Elizabeth had one son. Greenberry and Emily had ten children. Emily Hicks died 9 August 1891 and Greenberry died 19 August 1902.)
Contributed by Donald Woodson Woodard

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