Gephart  Bible  Records

George H. Gephart  &  Ella R. Weaver  of Fairland

George Henry Gephart  was born Aug the 22nd 1859
Ellen Rachel Weaver  was born June 5, 1859

George H. Gephart  and  Ella R. Weaver  were married on the 22nd day of December 1881 by C. H. McDowell
Harry A. Drake  and  Clyde May Gephart  was married Dec 23, 1903 by Rev. Edward M. Chambers
Kendel H. Gordon  and Mayme Alice Gephart  was married Aug 28, 1906 by Rev. F. A. Guthrie
Harry B. Gephart  and  Fredie Carson  was married July 10, 1908 by Rev. J. W. Dashield
George H. Gephart  and  Mollie Patterson  was made husband and wife the 1st day of September 1897 by Rev. F. A. Guthrie


Clyde May Gephart  was born October the 25, 1882
Mamia Alice Gephart  was born October the 4, 1884
Harry B. Gephart  was born August the 19, 1888

Ellen Marguerite Gordon  was born Aug 6th 1909
Mayme Bernice Gordon  was born Sept. 2nd 1910
Mary Gephart  was born Sept 13, 1873  (Mollie)


Ellen Rachel Gephart  died April 27, 1896
Judith A. Gephart  died Jan 5, 1907
Philip Gephart  died May 8, 1920
George H. Gephart  died Oct 19 1939 at residence 48 W. Penn. St., Shelbyville IN
William S. Patterson  died Dec 31, 1921
Almira Patterson died Dec 14, 1910

Contributed by Anne Johnson

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