Addison  Holden  Bible  Records

          I received this information from the Maryland Historical Society.


Mrs. Loretta J. Holden Oct 15, 1869
Thomas Bruzn? Holden June 13, 1828
Eugene C. Holden June 9, 1883
Fred L. Holden Dec 8, 1886
Mrs. Betty E. Holden Nov 7, 1910
Mary Elizabeth Holden Thompson Jan 18, 1910
Harry Lamont Holden Feb 19, 1911
Mrs. Sallie Holden Feb 05, 1880
Ralph M. Holden June 20, 1917
A.L. Holden June 7, 1921...The A is for Addison L. Holden
J. F. Garrard Jan 4, 1923
Lizzie Holden Garrard May 23, 1942
Loretta Holden Thompson Sept 28, 1949
Koma S. Nelson November 18, 1963


On The 30 Dec 1870 at the residence of Samual H. Bruyin?
Addison L. Holden to Bittie E. Bruyin?,
Rev J. J. Wrinn? officiating.

On the 23, March 1903, at the residence of A.L. Holden,
James F. Garrard to Lizzie Holdin,
Elder S.P. Terry officiating.

On the 28, Dec 1904 at the residence of A.L. Holden,
David J. Thompson to Loulla?, or Loretta M. Holden,
Elder S.P. Terry officiating.

On the 17 of July 1912 at the home of A.L. Holden,
Dr. H.E. Satterfield to Korma Olivia Holden,
Elder S. P. Terry Officiating

Married at the residence of A. L. Holden Oct 3rd 1901,
Henry J. Murdock and Margaret C. Holden,
Elder S. P. Terry Officiating

On the 2nd of Oct, 1933,
Lonza Nelson to Koma Holden Satterfield,
at Durham, Elder J. E. Herndon Officiating


Lucian J. Holden Dec 30, 1839
Addison L. Holden Nov 7, 1837
Loutta J. Lyon Feb 1840
Billie ? E. Bruy? June 24, 1848
Sallie Elizabeth Holden Jan 14, 1866
Thomas Bruy? Holden Oct 1, 1876
Loutta Mary Holden Oct 13, 1878
Harry Lamont Holden Feb 1, 1880
Eugene Camady Holfen May 25, 1882
Fred Lea Holden April 16, 1884
Ralph Moguies? Holden Jan 6, 1887
Koma Olivia Holden Nov 7, 1890
James F. Garrard March 25, 1861
William Edward Arnold Dec 23, 1904
Margaret Holden Aug 10, 1804
Thomas W. Holden Sept 11, 1794


A. L. Holden 1st Sunday in May 1872
Lizzie Holden Garrard 1st Sunday in October 1902
J. F. Garrard 1st Sunday in July 1901
Loretta Holden Thompson 1 Sunday in October 1902
Wesley Garrard 1st Sunday in Oct 1902
Koma Holden Satterfield 1st Sat Night Aug 1921

I typed this just as it was written. If you would like a copy of this, email me, and I will send it.

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