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Jacob Howrey, b February 11, 1814.  D near Morristown in Shelby County Dec 9, 1885.
[Note: There are several Jacob Howrey's.  This Jacob married  Sarah Alvira (Elvira) Thomas  June 23, 1836.  Sarah born Feb. 20, 1820, died Dec 6, 1885.]

Jacob and Sarah are buried in Liberty Cemetery between their son, George, and daughter,  Sylvia Howrey Graham.

Jacob Howrey Bible copied just the way it's written.

Jacob howrey was born  feb the 11 1814
Sarah A howrey was born  feb the 20 1820

Philander Howrey was born  march the 28 1837
Abale  nov 16 1839
loyal c howrey was born  Dec the 10 1840
Elizabeth I.[?] howrey was born  dec 11 1842
George W. howrey was born  Jan the 1 1844
Christeny M. howrey was born  March the 23 1846
John howrey was born  April the 6 1847
Mary A. howrey was born  Jan the 5 1849
Sarah E. Howrey was born  [page torn] the 24 1850
Rebecke A.[?] Howrey was born  May the 23 1852
hester ann howrey was born  August the 25 1854
Theora Ann Howrey was born  Jan 15th 1855
Sylvia P. howrey was born  nov the 17 1857
Mira b.[?] howrey was born  July the 27 [date written over with a 28 or 23] 1860

linda butler dec the 23 1858  grandchild

[end Bible notes]

[Since Elizabeth, who married a Butler, died in childbirth, we can assume Elizabeth's death date was December 23 1858, the date of Linda's birth.  The Howrey's raised their granddaughter, Linda Butler]

Transcribed by Peggy Cliadakis

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