Robert Barnes Peek Family Bible

Robert Peek was my great great grandfather.  His youngest, John Thomas Peek, was my great grandfather.  Peggy Graham Cliadakis

The Bible was published in Cincinnati in 1849

Handwritten inside the front cover:

   November 1849

 [Recorded here exactly as written] 

Robert B. Peek  was born 
October the 5th AD 1808.  Was
Maried to  Permelia  his wife
November the 12th. 1829
Dec. October 24th AD "1889".
Permelia  Consort
of  Robert B. Peek was born
March the 16th AD 1814(?)  [could be a 17] 

Permelia Peek
Dec. 1892
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Letty Jane Peek  was Born Jan
the 12th AD1831.
Polly Ann Peek  was Born June
the 18th AD 1833
Theodore Peek  was Born July
the 24th 1836.   

William Peek
was Born Jan. the 14th 1839
Presley T. Peek  was Born May
the 13th. 1841 

MB [MB is struck through] Born March
the 20th 1843  

Eliza Curriller  [sp?] Peek
was born July the 20th 1844.

Elender Peek  was born June the
2nd 1847
Permelia Peek  was Born November
the 3rd 1849.

Maranda A. Peek  was Born
September 4th 1851

John Thomas Peek  was Born September the 18th 1853

Minesota Peek  was born
February the 4th [could be a 7] 1856

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Letty Jane Peek  Dec.
August the 12th AD 1833

Theodore Peek  Dec April
The 27th AD 1839

MB  [again struck through] Dec. July the 13th AD 1843

Presley T. Peek  Dec.
March 27th AD 1863

Polly Ann  wife of  J. Trees
Dec. Juny [?] 9th 1876
Miranda A.  wife of  Joseph Henderickson  [Hendrickson]
Dec. April 23rd AD "1890"

Minesota  wife of  Chas. H. Holly

William Peek
Elnder  wife of  Cornelius Mingle
Jan 17--1914

John Thomas Peek  Oct 5, 1918
9:30 AM aged 65 yrs 17days

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It is interesting to note that”MB” apparently was not expected to live from birth, as this infant was not named (perhaps not baptized?) - PC

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