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Entries in the family Bible of Lewis & Rachel (McDonald) Pence
                        Parents' Record
Lewis Pence  was born June 10th A. D. 1803
Rachel McDonald  was born March 28th A. D. , 1806
Sarah Ann Pence  Born Oct 15th 1827
Henrietta Pence  Born Dec 19th 1828
Lydia Pence  Born Sept 11th 1832
Wm Pence  Born Dec 10th 1833
Moses Pence  Born march 1st 1836
Twin Infants  Born Nov ___ 1843
Mary Malissa Pence  Was Born May 22nd 1847
Lewis Pence  Died June 7th 1858
Twin Infants  Died Nov ___ 1843
Lydia Avery  Died July 29th 1856
Rachel Pence  Died Nov 7th 1883
Henrietta Wooden  Died Jan 1st 1897
William Pence  Died March 30th 1897
Submitted by  Don T. Mitchell, great great great grandson of  Lewis & Rachel Pence, last of St. Paul, Noble Twp, Shelby Co, Indiana.  (See Pence in the family files.)

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