Edward  P.  Adams

          Edward P. Adams,  an honored old citizen of Posey township, was born in Scott County, Ky., August 21, 1822, being the son of  Isaac and Nancy Ann Adams  with whom he came to this State when he was between two and three years of age.  The family settled upon a tract of land near Morristown in the Southern part of Hancock County.  Some years later they removed to the northern part of Shelby County, and still later, or in about 1843, they came to Rush County and settled within the present limits of Posey Township.  There our subject continued with his parents until the time of his marriage which occurred February 7, 1847.  The lady he chose for his life companion was  Miss Elizabeth Six  who was born in Fleming County, Ky., October 22, 1820, being the daughter of  John and Mary Six,  both natives of the State of Kentucky.  In 1826 her parents came to Rush County and settled in the woods of Posey Township, and the childhood days of Mrs. Adams were spent within five miles of her present home.  In the spring following their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Adams settled upon a farm in Ripley Township, and after two or three other short moves in the same vicinity, they, in 1853, settled upon the farm they now occupy.  It was then a tract of unimproved land containing but ten or twelve acres of ground ready for the plow.  Though the outlook for Mr. Adams was then very bad and though he has had many difficulties to surmount, he has come bravely through it all and now in the decline of life he and wife are permitted to enjoy a comfortable home.  They have had eleven children as follows:  Amanda J.,  Nancy E.,  John W.,  Adenath M.,  James C.,  William E.,  Isaac L.,  Verneila J.,  Margaret E.,  Mary S.,  and  Hettie D., of whom only four are living.  They are  John W.,  Asenath M., James C.,  and  Hettie D.  Our subject and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal church, the former having joined it when he was nineteen and the latter when she was seventeen.  In politics, Mr. Adams is an uncompromising Republican.
History of Rush County, Indiana, Chicago: Brant & Fuller, 1888, page 495-496.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming  for Carleene Hubbard

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