Madison  Harvey  Harrell

          MADISON  HARVEY  HARRELL, Noblesville, Indiana, was born in Shelby county, Indiana, December 27, 1866, son of Judge Wick and Lodemia Anne (Drake) Harrell. He attended district schools until sixteen years of age, pursued the normal teachers' course in the high school at Acton, Indiana, after which he taught school six years. He began studying medicine under the preceptorship of his brother, Dr. Samuel Harrell, at Noblesville, and was a student in the .Homťopathic Medical College of Missouri from 1897 to 1900, receiving his degree there in the latter year. He has since been a general practitioner of Noblesville, and is a member of the Indiana State Institute of Homťopathy and the American Institute of Homťopathy. He married Margret T. Huffman and has two children: Augusta M. and Lee Ora Harrell.
"History of Homeopathy and Its Institutions in America", pp. 399-400, (King, William Harvey, The Lewis publishing company, 1905)

(Name) Harrell, Madison M... (Residence) Fairland, Ind..... (Age) 33 (Preceptor) Dr. S. Harrell..... (Time of Study) 4 (Number of Courses Attended and Where) 1 yr. Indianapolis, Ind.; 3 yrs. H. & M. C. of Mo.
"Transactions Of The Fifty-Sixth Session Of The American Institute of Homoeopathy Held at Washington, D.C., June 19, 1900," p. 684 (Edited by Eugene H. Porter, M.A., M.D. General Secretary, William N. Jennings, Printer, 1901).

Contributed by Mary Harrell-Sesniak

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