Shelby  County,  Indiana

James  K.  Steuart

                 Dr. James K. Steuart, a prominent physician of Fairland, is a native of Johnson County, this State, born August 24, 1849.  He was the fifth of eight children three sons and five daughters born to  James R. and  Mary (Pierce) Steuart, with whom his boyhood was spent upon a farm.  At thirteen years of age, he entered an academy at Greenwood, where he remained two years; after which he spent the same length of time in an academy at Hopewell.  He then took up the avocation of a teacher, in order to secure means with which to enter college.  He taught public school and attended Franklin College, alternately, for four years by which time he had completed the sophomore year.  On leaving college he began the study of medicine, in Franklin, with  Dr. P. W. Payne,  under whose instruction he remained two years.  In October, 1867, he entered the Medical University, of Louisville, where he attended one course of lectures.  He then returned to Franklin and resumed his studies with Dr. Payne. A year later he received the appointment of Principal Teacher in the Asylum for the Blind, at Indianapolis, which position he filled with credit two years.  He, however, did not fail, during that time, to avail himself of every opportunity presented, whereby he might obtain instruction that he could utilize in the profession he was soon to enter.  A good portion of his leisure time was spent attending medical schools, and taking practical lessons in the hospital.  He then returned once more to Franklin, and after spending a few months with his old preceptor, he in March, 1873, came to this county, and located at Fairland, where he has ever since been actively and successfully engaged in the practice of his profession.  His first marriage occurred March 26, 1874, when  Miss Josephine P. Thomas  became his wife.  She was a native of Hancock County, this State, and was the daughter of  Capt. T. W. and  Zuelda A. Thomas, both of whom were natives of Ohio.  Mr. and Mrs. Steuart continued to live happily together until their union was broken by the death of the latter, August 3, 1881.  On the 8th day of May, 1884, the marriage of Dr. Steuart and  Miss Jennie A Wharton,  was solemnized.  She was born in Fairland, February 27, 1852, and was the daughter of  John and Virginia (Odell) Wharton, natives of Kentucky, and North Carolina, respectively.  Dr. Steuart is the father of one son,  Arthur T.,  who was born to his first wife, August 25, 1877.  In November, 1882, the Doctor entered the Ohio Medical College, of Cincinnati, where he graduated in the spring of 1883.  He is a member of the Presbyterian Church, the F. & A. M. Lodge, and in politics he is a Democrat.  Though young in his profession he is a very successful practitioner, and he already ranks among the leading physicians of Shelby County.  For the last four years he has been employed by the C. I. St. L. & C. RR., as one of the surgeons of the road, the duties of which position he discharges in connection with his regular practice.
History of Shelby County, Indiana, "Brandywine Sketches", pages 625-26.  Chicago: Brant & Fuller, 1887.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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