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Edward  E.  Stone

          In 1820 the grandfather of  Edward E. Stone  located in Franklin county, Indiana, and, consequently, the family has been identified with the history of the county for ninety-five years.  Agriculture has been the occupation to which most of the members of the family have turned and, without exception, they have been successful men of affairs and substantial and worthy citizens of the communities in which they have resided.  Edward E. Stone  has a well improved farm of one hundred and sixty acres in Springfield township, and this farm is the direct result of his own initiative and effort.
          Edward E. Stone, the youngest son of  Acel and  Margaret (Kennedy) Stone,  was born in White Water township, Franklin county, Indiana, July 15, 1867.  His father was born in New York state, January 7, 1820, and died at his home in Franklin county, November 17, 1899.  His wife was the daughter of  James Kennedy  and died on August 27, 1900.  Acel Stone and wife were the parents of eight children:  Mary,  who became the wife of  Arnold Vanausdall,  of Brookville, and has three children,  Burt,  Walter  and  CurtisEliza,  the wife of  Louden T. Hollowell,  has three children,  Rosella,  deceased,  Eva  and  AlbertRebecca,  deceased, who was the wife of  John Vanblaricum,  and the mother of six children,  Margaret,  Edward,  Eliza,  Curtis,  William  and Rollie,  the last three named being deceased;  Hannah,  deceased, who was the wife of  Harrison Watkins,  a farmer of White Water township, left four children,  George,  Endora,  Ida,  and  Harry,  the last two being deceased;  Louisa,  the wife of  Samuel Goble,  has nine children,  Albert,  Henry,  Harry,  Ernest,  Clara,  Lurton,  Otis,  Ada  and  Arthur,  deceased;  Emma,  deceased, who was the wife of  Silas Wing,  became the mother of eight children,  Ollie,  Roxie,  Minnie,  William,  Effie,  Robert,  Alma,  and  Charles,  deceased;  Orman,  deceased, married  Hannah Bulmer,  and they had three children,  Irene,  Pearl  and  Anna,  deceased;  Edward,  of Springfield township, with whom this narrative deals.
          Acel Stone was less than a year old when he came with his parents from the state of New York to Indiana, his father entering land in this county in 1820.  Grandfather  William Stone  owned one hundred and sixty-four acres at the time of his death.  He and his wife were the parents of seven children,  Lorenda,  Sylvester,  James, Jr.,  Orman,  Mary Ann,  William  and  Acel,  the father of Edward.  Acel Stone and his wife were both members of the United Brethren church and were highly respected in the community where they lived so many years.
          Edward E. Stone was educated in the common schools of White Water township, attending school during the winter seasons of his boyhood days and working on his father's farm during the summers.  In this way he gradually acquired a knowledge of all the different phases of agriculture, so that he was competent to manage a farm of his own after his marriage.  He first bought twenty-four acres of land in White Water township, later adding sixty-two acres, and in 1902 he disposed of his first holding in White Water township, and bought another tract of one hundred and fifteen acres; in 1906 he added another forty acres to his farm.  In 1911 he disposed of this farm, having in the meantime purchased his present farm of one hundred and sicty acres in Springfield township.  He divides his attention between general farming and stock raising in such a way as to get the maximum results from his efforts.
          Mr. Stone was married, December 15, 1887, to  Mary Reiner,  and to this union have been born six children:  Ethel,  born October 29, 1889;  Clyde,  born March 4, 1891;  Nettie,  born February 12, 1893;  Frank,  born March 31, 1895;  Elmer,  born February 22, 1897, and  Claude,  born August 16, 1899.  Ethel is the wife of  John Strohmier,  a farmer of Springfield township, and has two daughters,  Ruth  and  Mary.  Nettie is the wife of  Riley Appleton,  a farmer of Springfield township.  Mrs. Stone is a duaghter of  Ferdinand and Catherine (Harding) Reiner.  Her parents had thirteen children, all of whom are still living,  Mary,  Thomas,  Frederick,  Jacob,  John,  Lewis,  Albert,  William,  Walter,  Catherine,  Robert,  Edward  and  Charles.
          Politically, Mr. Stone is a stanch adherent of the principles of the Democratic party, and has always taken an active interest in the affairs of his community.  He served as road supervisor of White Water township for eight years while living there.  Mr. Stone and his family are loyal and earnest members of the United Brethren church and take an active interest in the work of their denomination.
History of Franklin County, Indiana: Her People, Industries and Institutions,  B. F. Bowen, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1915.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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