Gustave  G.  Winter

          Gustave G. Winter, Doctor of Philosophy, is a native of Germany, born at Leimbach, August 22, 1841.  His father was  Rev. Carl G. Winter,  born at Bueschdorf, Germany, in 1796.  He was a minister in the Lutheran Church for more than fifty years.  The mother of the subject here treated, was  Wilhelmine Winter,  whose maiden name was  Kaiser,  a native of Leimbach, Germany, born in 1817, and died in her native town, in 1849.  His early education of Dr. Winter was acquired at the common schools at Leimbach.  Later, he received private instructions, which was sufficient to admit him to the fourth class in the Gymnasium at Eisleben (the famous place where Martin Luther was born and died), in 1854, and from which he graduated in 1863.  Subsequently. Dr. Winter entered the University at Halle, and prepared himself for the ministry, and was ordained in 1868.  During 1866, he was an Acting Lieutenant in the German Army, and was in the Prussian Austrian conflict.  Since 1868, Dr. Winter has been preaching; came to Shelbyville, Januaryn3, 1869.  For seventeen years he has been Pastor of St. Zion's Church, in Union Township, this county, and since 1880, Pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, of Shelbyville.  Since 1873, he has been connected with the Shelbyville High School as teacher of languages, and for two years past, has been Principal of Building No. 1, Shelbyville High School.  Without question, he is one of the most efficient teachers of languages in Indiana.  The marriage of Dr. Winter took place in 1872, to  Miss Rosa Theobald, a native of Shelby County, born in 1856.  To this marriage are three children, in this order:  Carl G.,  born September 28, 1873;  Paul G., born September 22, 1880, and  Emil G., born October 3, 1885.  Dr. Winter was made a Mason in 1879; a member of the Chapter, Council, and a Knight Templar in 1880.  He is a forcible preacher, a leading teacher and a true Christian gentleman.
History of Shelby County, Indiana,  "Shelbyville Sketches," page 549-550, Chicago: Brant & Fuller, 1887.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

Mrs. G. G. Winter


Rev. Dr. G. G. Winter

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