Roy Amos

          Roy Amos  is one of the progressive business men of the younger generation at Edinburg,  Johnson County.  He is one of the principals of the Amos-Thompson Corporation, one of the largest producers of veneer and lumber of its kind today.   Roy Amos was born in Shelby County, Indiana, January 28, 1891, son of  Ova A. and  Gertrude (Hogue) Amos.  The career of his father is sketched preceding.  Roy Amos was educated in public schools in Shelby County, graduated from the high school at Shelby, and then found expression for his working energies in farming and raising of live stock (during the early part of his life.  In 1912 he became interested in the lumber business and for the past twenty years has had a prominent part in all the changes and  broadening activities up to and in what is now the Amos-Thompson Corporation.  He is in active charge of the company’s business at Edinburg, where the company has a very large and modern plant, covering considerable ground.  Mr. Roy  Amos has been not only a capable executive, but has shown a genius for improving the processes of the industry with which he has been connected.   In 1918 he and his associates invented a log loader for motor trucks.  They organized a company known as the Amos Loader Company, which was operated separately from the Amos Lumber Company, to manufacture log loading equipment for motor trucks.  In 1926 Mr. Roy Amos and  Paul F. Boston invented a basketball scoring machine.  Their company, known as the Simplex Company, is manufacturing this, one of the first, if not the first, basketball scoring machine on the market.   Roy Amos served in 1930-31 as president of the Indiana Hardwood Lumber Association.   Mr. Amos has always been very much interested in association work, and through his efforts there has been some very important changes made for the betterment of the industry.  He has given fully five years of effective service as a member of the Edinburg Board of Education.  He is a member of the Presbyterian Church, is affiliated with the Scottish Rite body of Masonry, being a member of Murat Temple of the Mystic Shrine at Indianapolis.   He married, in 1910, Miss Elva Wertz, daughter of  Henry Wertz.  Her father was associated with the formation of the Wertz & Amos firm in 1912 . Mr. and Mrs. Amos have three children, Maurice Dale,  Betty Kathreen  and  Shirley Ann.

This book has no cover, and no index, and no author.  I bought it on Ebay; it just has the insides, but it is full of Indiana biographies. I am not researching this family, just thought I would share.  I do not know anymore about these families or these surnames.  NOTE:  I don‘t know if there is any additional mention of this family in the book, it has no index.
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