William  J.  Buxton

            This well known farmer of Noble township ... has had the pleasure of spending most of his life on the old homestead, having been born in Noble township ... October 26, 1850, the son of  Benjamin and  Dinah (Avery) Buxton, the former born in Derbyshire, England.  He came to America ... a single man, about 1846 ...  Mrs. Buxton was born in this county [and had] the following children:  Two died in infancy;  Lizzie was four ... when she died. The living childen in 1909 are:  Robert W., William J.,  Mrs. Helen A. Hoban,  Evaline, the wife of  S. J. Cooper of Iowa. 
            [In] 1869, ... he entered the Hartsville College [Bartholomew Co.], where he remained two years.  He ... was enabled to begin teaching, but after one year ... he returned to the old homestead ... 
            In 1873, he married  Eva Yount, a native of ... Indiana, but had lived many ears in Iowa. ... [Children] Bernice May, born May 11, 1873, wife of  Chauncey Clark, of Indianapolis;  Florence E., born January 9, 1879, is the wife of  Edward Lewis;  George B. was born November 20, 1881, is married and lives in Indianapolis;  Arthur, born January 15, 1889, is single and living at home.  He is well educated and teaching.  Mr. Buxton's first wife was called to her rest February 9, 1891, and on April 28, 1892, he married  Nellie Ray  of Shelbyville ... where she was born May 8, 1864. ...  No children have been born of this second union.
            Mr. Buxton and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal church at Waldron ...  He is a member of Sulphur Hill [also known as Geneva] Lodge ... Knights of Pythias ... he is a Democrat and served the township as Trustee for two terms  ... In 1886 he was elected County Recorder and served one term of four years.
From pp. 661-2 of Chadwick
Condensed and submitted by Don T. Mitchell

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