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Daniel  Callahan

          When Dennis Callahan  died in Ireland, in 1861, the world looked blue to his widow and her two little boys.  Being poor in the extreme, with no powerful friends to draw upon, slim chances of employment in her native country, her mind naturally reverted to the great republic across the sea.  Many another Irish widow had taken heart of hope out of the promises wafted over by friends in this country, and Mrs. Callahan, not knowing what else to do, decided on the long and, to her, very exhaustive journey to the New World.  So she boarded ship with  Daniel  and  Dennis, as it were, tucked under each wing, shipped with the steerage, among a lot of other woe-begone emigrants and with a sinking heart, heard the throbs of the great ship's machinery as it started the vessel on its tempestuous way.  Indirectly, the vessel reached the dock in New York harbor, the poor Irish widow went ashore, with her helpless charge and then began in earnest what the poets call "the journey of life."
          Daniel Callahan, the oldest of the two boys, was born at Cork, Ireland, 1852, and was one of those bright lads whose shining faces give promise of success.  He remained in New York with his mother for about one year, when steps were taken to find him a home in the West.  Accordingly, he was brought to Shelby county, where he was taken in and kindly cared for by the family of  Conrad Kuhn.  They saw that he attended  school, kept out of mischief and acquired habits of industry as he grew up.  Daniel was an apt pupil, a well-behaved boy and got a fair education for his time by diligence in the public schools in Union township.  He lived with Conrad Kuhn until twenty-five years of age, when he began casting around to make a start in life for himself.  His first important step was marriage with  Mary, daughter of  Valentine Posz, by whom he had four children.  Bert, the oldest, married Flora HaehlKate became the wife of   George KuhnNora married  John R. Haehl  and  Annie  remains at home.
          After marriage Mr. Callahan took charge of a farm in Liberty township, which proved to be a permanent home, as he has lived on his present place for twenty-seven years.  He spent five years in Rush county, but soon returned to his first locality, and practically, Liberty township has been his home for thirty years.  Though not a member of church, Mr. Callahan has always been a liberal contributor, as indeed, he is to all good causes.  His family are members of the German Protestant church and if these need help in their operations, "father" is usually found willing to unbend.  Thirty years ago Mr. Callahan joined the Red Men, at Manilla, and has been a paying member ever since, though he is at present connected with the lodge at Shelbyville.  He can strictly be called a self-made man, as every dollar he has in the world was earned by himself, since he was left an orphan child in Ireland.
History of Shelby County, Indiana,  by Edward H. Chadwick, B.A., assisted by well known local talent, 1909, pages 675-76.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming  for Christal Callahan Culp

     Daniel Callahan  and his brother, in 1860, were among the orphan children sent west to find a home.  Daniel found a home with  Mr. Conrad Kuhn,  and his brother  Dennis  with  William Burnett.  His brother died, aged eighteen.  Daniel remained with Mr. Kuhn, and had the advantages of a common school education.  He knew nothing of work and had everything to learn, but Mr. Kuhn was a kind and indulgent employer.  When he was twenty years old his employer gave him wages for two years.  He then secured work at a saw mill and worked there two years.  He married  Miss Mary Posz  in 1875, who was born in Union Township, this county, December 25, 1854, a daughter of  Valentine and  Margaret (Baker) Posz,  both natives of Germany.  By this marriage there were three children:  Albert B.,  born June 2, 1876,  Catharine E.,  born July 28, 1880, and  Clara G.,  born April 19, 1884.  Mr. Callahan located on the farm where he now lives in 1882.  He was born in the City of New York, December 22, 1851.  His father,  Dennis Callahan,  was a stock trader, and died in early life at the age of thirty-five.
History of Shelby County, Indiana, Chicago: Brant & Fuller, 1887, "Liberty Sketches,"  page 685

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