Charles  Sheffler

The  Shelby  Democrat
Thursday  April 5, 1883
Page 3   column 4
          GONE TO THE FATHERLAND:  On last Monday  Charles Sheffler,  for nearly thirty years a resident of this township, and one of our most popular and solid German citizens, left for New York, from which city he will sail on April 7th for the Fatherland, to visit the scenes of his childhood and those of his relatives who are yet alive.  He proposes to stay from four to six weeks, and requests us to extend to his many friends and acquaintances here his adieux and best wishes, it having been impossible for him to bid them all farewell in person.  Mr. Sheffler left Grossenweden, in what is now called Prussia, in 1850, landing in New York City and proceeding from there to Cincinnati, where he arrived with only $1.50 in his pocket.  For four years he made that city his home, and then came here, and in 1853 was married to a  Mrs. (Catharine) Stephens, a widow, with whom he lived happily until her death, which took place in April,1877.  In June, of the same year, Mr. Sheffler was united in marriage to  Maria Weinantz, daughter of  Conrad Weinantz, one of the most popular Germans in the county, with whom he lived until August,1882, when she to was taken away, leaving her husband desolate, he having no children living.  Mr. Sheffler has had the sympathy of all his acquaintances in his afflictions, and their good wishes go with him over the sea.  Mr. Sheffler has shown what can be done by industry and economy; he having landed in Cincinnati, as said above, with only $1.50 in his possession, and he now owns one hundred and ten acres of good land, and is worth $20,000.
Contributed by Barb Huff

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