Thomas  H. Dawley

February 20, 1879
VOL.  1; No.  37
from the article, SMILING  SHELBYVILLE!
Thomas H. Dawley

This firm is composed of  John T.  Bruce  and  Thomas H.  Dawley, who are carrying on a general lightning rod business in this county and Southeastern Indiana generally.

Thomas H.  Dawley  was born in Georgetown, Brown county, Ohio, in the year 1836.  He started out in business life quite young.  When but fourteen years of age he entered upon the duties of clerk in a dry goods store in Ripley, Ohio.  After remaining in that position for four years he went West traveling for a wholesale house.  He made his headquarters for four years at Fort Dodge, Iowa, and three years in the State of California.  He then entered the service of Uncle Sam, in the First California Cavalry.  After his term of service, something over three years, he went to St.  Louis, where he soon obtained a position as traveler for a large wholesale patent medicine and drug furnishing house.  After remaining with this firm for some time, he came to this State.  He then engaged in the lightning rod business, which he carried on for about six years in Indianapolis and Greensburg.  He came to this city and worked for some time, and in January, 1878, a partnership was formed between him and Mr.  Bruce for the purpose of carrying on a general lightning rod business.  (Some points relative to the life of Mr.  Bruce will be found in another column.) This firm has been very successful, having put up during the last year many thousands of feet of lightning rods.  They deal in all kinds of copper rods and fixtures.  The importance of having buildings well guarded with lightning rods often occurs to the owners only after such buildings have been "struck."  This is not wise.  There is no use in locking the stable after your horse has been stolen.  You should be prepared for such emergencies.  The office of Bruce & Dawley is on the second floor of the Wise building; in the room with  O.  J. Glessner.  In the absence of  Mr. Dawley, who travels most of the time, Mr. Bruce will cheerfully answer all questions in regard to their business.  Orders by mail receive prompt attention.

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Contributed by Jeanne Surber

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