Dewitt  C.  Dodds, 
Washington Twp,

was born in Montgomery Co., Ohio, March 28, 1824, the son of  John M. and Hannah Dodds --- his father a native of Pennsylvania, and his mother of Virginia.  In 1848, the family moved from Ohio to Indiana and settled in Hendricks Township, Shelby County, Dewitt C. being then 24 years of age.  He remained at home for about three years, being married May 18, 1851, to Hannah Marsh,  daughter of  John  and  Ann Marsh.  Soon after their marriage, they went to Ohio, where they remained about one year, then returned and sold goods for two years, when he bought a farm of 80 acres, near Smithland, and remained there till spring of 1870.  Then he came to the place where he now resides, near the town of Norristown, in Washington Township.  His present place is pleasantly situated about eleven miles south of Shelbyville and about the same distance northeast of Edinburg, with pikes in all directions.  Mr. Dodds' father died September, 1872, his mother October, 1872.  His wife's father was a native of Essex Co., N.J. and died in Butler Co., Ohio, in 1836, and Mrs. Marsh afterward married a Mr. Taylor, of Michigan City, formerly from Vermont, and a very early settler in the West; he died in 1874.  Mrs. Dodds' mother is now living with her daughter, and though nearly 79 years old, enjoys a good degree of health.  Mr. and Mrs. Dodds are well situated in their pleasant home, and can anticipate a pleasant journey through life.
Atlas of Shelby Co., Indiana, Chicago:  J.H. Beers & Co, 1880, p 72.
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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