E.  L.  Frazier

              E. L. Frazier  was born in Kentucky, and after obtaining a common school education, entered in 1865 the Bible College of Kentucky University, where he fitted himself for the Christian ministry. ... within a ... brief period [he] acquired a wide reputation as an able and eloquent preacher and successful evangelist. He has ministered to some ... large... congregations ... in Champaign and Mattoon, Illinois; Kokomo, Franklin, Irvington, Marion and Morristown, Indiana; Dayton and Ashtabula, Ohio; Erie, Pennsylvania, ... besides conducting large and successful meetings as an evangelist. ... An able and scholarly divine ... and though well advanced in age, he bids fair to continue in his public work for many years to come. 
            Rev. E. L. Frazier [had made] his home in Morristown ... since 1907. To him belongs the distinction of being the original Prohibitionist of Indiana, having made out in 1872 a ticket based upon the principles of Prohibition ... 
            [He] married  Jennie Miller [daughter of  S. F. Miller  now of Arcola, Illinois], and is the father of ... Bertha, wife of  Walter Howe  of Indianapolis, Otis O. ..., Bess B., now  Mrs. Roy A. Potts  of Indianapolis.
From Chadwick pp. 805-6
Condensed and submitted by Don T. Mitchell 
Note from Don:  Elisha Lanham is the full name of the subject.

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