Otis  O.  Frazier

            O. O. Frazier, one of the leading businessmen of Morristown, ... was born in Champaign county, Illinois, in ... 1864 being the second of five children ... of  E. L. and  Jennie Frazier, natives of Kentucky.  His father being a minister, ... [his] early life was spent in different cities and towns, ...  [At] eighteen .., he took up the tinner's trade in his native state ...  [In 1883 he went to] Kokomo ... [and] entered the employ of Armstrong, Landon and Company ...  [He then] went to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania ... [then] to Erie, [Pennsylvania] ... [then to Indianapolis] ..taking employment with  Peter Purcell.
            Mr Frazier became not only a skilled artisan, but acquired a thorough knowledge of the tin and hardware business, and for five years represented a large stove house of Indianapolis, ... as a traveling salesman. ... in 1894, he came to Morristown and bought the tin shop which he has since operated. ....
            Mr. Frazier has built up a large and lucrative patronage ... [and] he carries a full line of ... house furnishings.              Mr Frazier is a married man and the father of two sons, E. L. and  Robert M., aged five and two year respectively.  The wife and mother, who before her marriage, was Bertha Wolfe, was reared in Morristown, of which her father, Warren Wolfe, was a ... prominent citizen.  In his political views, Mr. Frazier is a Prohibitionist ...  He is active in Masonic circles ...  Reared [by] pious parents ... [he] has been an earnest ... member of the Christian church ...  In all his relations with his fellow men, Mr. Frazier has been governed by the highest principles of ethics.
From Chadwick pp. 795-7
Condensed and submitted by Don T. Mitchell, distant cousin of Bertha (Wolfe) Frazier 

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