George  Haehl

          The subject of this biographical review, although of the second generation of Germans in this country, has many of the sterling traits and praiseworthy characteristics of the people of that country who have done so much toward the development of Shelby county; in fact the major portion of the United States.  George Haehl was born in Union township, Shelby county, Indiana, June 6, 1849, the son of  John Henry and  Mary C.  (Zeisz)  Haehl.  John Henry Haehl was born in Bavaria Germany, December 4, 1820.  He came to America and prospered, ending his days in Shelby county, on September 3, 1855.  His wife was born in Rheinpfaltz, Byron, Germany, November 27, 1826, and died in Shelby county, June 28, 1907.  The subject's father landed in New Orleans upon his arrival in the United States.  He was yet a young man.  Not taking a fancy to the South, he ascended the Mississippi and Ohio rivers to Cincinnati, and later came to Shelby county.  He was accompanied by his parents, and they located just south of the German church in Union township, his father purchasing wild land there and at once set about making improvements, developing the same into a good farm.  John Henry Haehl died when our subject was only six years old, consequently he does not know much of his father; but he was a prosperous and hard-working farmer, devoting all his time to his home and family.  He was a member of the German Protestant church of Union township, a Democrat in politics but not an office seeker.  The subject's mother came to this country when she was a girl, with her parents who located in Shelby county, Indiana, when she was about six years old.  John Henry Haehl and Mary C. Zeisz were married in this county, and five children were born to them as follows:  the first child died in infancy;  Rosina married  Jacob Theobald;  George, of this review;  John deceased; Caroline, who married a  Mr. Witz.  George Haehl received his education in the common schools of Shelby county, and spent his youth at home working on the farm.  When he reached manhood he married  Katherine Kuhn, on December 7, 1872; she was born in Shelby county, May 1, 1856, the daughter of  Andrew and Anna Mary  (Theobald)  Kuhn.  Andrew Kuhn was born in Germany, August 20, 1807, and died in Shelby county, Indiana, in 1870; his wife was also born in Germany, August 3, 1808, and died in 1890.  They came to the United States in an old-fashioned sailing vessel about sixty-one years ago.  Andrew Kuhn was one of the prominent members of the Kuhn family in this country.
          Eleven children have been born to the subject and wife, as follows:  Pauline Otilda, born December 12, 1873, married  Jacob Gayheimer, living in Union township, and they are the parents of one child, Della Irene;  Henry A., born July 26, 1874, married  Laura John, they are living in Union township, and are the parents of two children, Clark Henry  and  George Wallace.  George W. was born April 4, 1876;  Flora Catherine, born April 21, 1878, married Albert Callahan, of Union township, and they are the parents of one child,  Freda Fay;  John R., born September 23, 1879, married  Nora Callahan of Union township, and they are the parents of two children,  Elma Irene and  Mary Frances;  Ida, born October 6, 1887, married Arkas Wagoner; they live in Rush county and are the parents of one child,  Ira Revere;  Ella C. was born January 5, 1874;  Laura L. was born July 13, 1885, and married  Julius Theobald; they live in Rush county, and are the parents of two children,  Fern Elizabeth and  Mabel Catherine;  Oscar P., born December 31, 1887, is deceased;  Robert Daniel, born November 28, 1889, is living at home; Walter, born October 16, 1894, is also a member of the family circle.  This large family has always been a harmonious and happy one, and these children are fairly well educated and doing well.
Submitted by Richard Weightman

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