George  Kinsley

          The family to which the subject of this sketch belongs has been identified with Shelby County for a period of eighty-eight years, during all of which time its reputation has been above reproach, and today those who bear the name are among the county’s most intelligent and enterprising men of affairs.  Appollos Kinsley, the subject’s father, was born September 10, 1802, in New York, and about the year 1821 accompanied his parents to Shelby County, Indiana, settling in what is now Marion Township, where his father entered land and improved a farm.  He bore an active part in the development of the country and helped cut out and construct the old Michigan road, and in an early day killed deer where Shelbyville now stands, the site of that city at that time being a dense forest, unmarked by the slightest vestige of civilization.  He early became one of the leading men of the county, and in addition to farming dealt quite extensively in live stock, with  Colonel Shank, a prominent citizen, who lived south of Shelbyville, another of his partners being  Benjamin Boone, with whom he associated in the stock business for several years.
          Mr. Kinsley was an active politician during the formative period of the county, and for many years a leader of the Democratic party.  He served as Sheriff in an early day, was Justice of the Peace for a number of years and always took an influential part in public matters and stood high in the confidence and esteem of his fellow men.  In all of his relations with others he was the soul of honor, and from the time of his arrival in Indiana until his lamented death, in the year 1873, contributed his full share to the advancement of Shelby County and nobly sustained the reputation of a prominent and praiseworthy citizen.
          Elsie Lee Curry, wife of Apollos Kinsley, was native of Virginia, but came to Indiana with her parents when quite young and spent the early part of her life in Franklin County, of which part of the state her ancestors were pioneers. She was married in that county about 1822, and bore her husband nine children, only three of whom survive, all being residents of Shelby County and living within short distances of each other. Their names are:  William,  Appollos and  George, the subject of this review, the mother having died in 1875.
          George Kinsley was born January 18, 1845, in Marion Township, Shelby County, and still occupies the house in which he first saw the light of day, the building having been erected by his father in 1844.  He grew to maturity amid the active scenes and rugged duties of farm life, received a common school education, and on attaining his majority began the pursuit of agriculture on his own responsibility, to which honorable calling he has since devoted his attention, being at this time one of its most enterprising citizens.  Mr. Kinsley cultivates the soil according to modern methods and never fails to realize abundant returns from the time and labor expended upon his fields.  His farm, which is one of the oldest in the township, is well improve.  He has added much to the attractiveness of the premises and is now the owner of one of the most desirable rural homes in Shelby County, besides being the possessor of a competency which a number of years since placed him in independent circumstances.  He is well situated to enjoy the many material blessings which have come to him as the result of his industry, now living practically retired, renting his land to his son-in-law.
          Mr. Kinsley’s domestic life dates from 1865, at which time he contracted a matrimonial alliance with  Isabel Nichols, of Johnson County, this state, this union being blessed with the following children, the oldest of whom, a daughter by the name of  Alice, is now the wife of  Charles E. Henricks, of Greenfield, and the mother of one child;  Nora B. is the second of the family;  Jessie lives in Shelbyville;  Eva M. married  Charles MeansLillian, wife of  Frank W. Able, at Seymour;  Nellie, now Mrs. Horace James, lives in Marion Township;  Maude E. married  Edwin Cooper and makes her home at De Moines, Iowa;  H. Glen, a young man of marked ability, was graduated from the Grinnell College, Iowa, and is now living at home; Lyda, the youngest of the family, is still a member of the home circle.  The mother of these children dying in 1898, Mr. Kinsley subsequently married  Mrs. Sarah C. Richard, daughter of Jacob and Anna Maria Mutz, natives of Indiana and Ohio, respectively.  Mr. Mutz served twelve years as a member of the State Board of Agriculture and was twice elected a Representative to the General Assembly, once during the war, his second term being at a much later date.  He was a prominent citizen for many years and will long be remembered as one of the representative public-spirited men of Shelby County.
          By her previous marriage, Mrs. Kinsley has one son, Richard Francis [transposed?], who was born December 30, 1870, and who is now engaged in the drug business at Indianapolis, in connection with which he is also analytical chemist for the Big Four Railroad Company.  He was graduated from Purdue University, where he took a special course in pharmacy, and for some time has been connected with the Francis Pharmacy, of Indianapolis, being an accomplished chemist and the head of one of the largest establishments of the kind in the capital city.
          Mr. Kinsley has been officially identified with Shelby County Fair Association for a period of twenty-one years, and is deeply interested in this and all other means for the advancement of agriculture. A Republican in his political faith, he takes no part in politics further than to vote. He has ever been active and influential in promoting various public utilities, among which was the establishing of the Rural Free Delivery Mail Route on which he lives, and which has proven of such great benefit to the people of his and other townships.
Chadwick's History of Shelby County, Indiana, by Edward H. Chadwick, B.A., assisted by well-known local talent, B.F. Bowen & Co, Publishers: Indianapolis, IN, 1909.
Submitted by Amanda Ferley

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