George  Shaver

          No pioneer family of Jackson township, Shelby county, Indiana, has been more prominent in the affairs of this locality or has gained a more substantial foothold than the Shavers, than whom it would be hard to find a family bearing a better reputation for both industry and honesty.  Men bearing this name came here when the county was in its primitive state, wild, timbered, and unknown to the outside world and, by perseverance and the exercise of good judgment, they have succeeded in building up good homes and have become citizens of the highest rank.
          George Shaver  was born here March 11, 1836.  He is of German descent, his ancestors having come from the Fatherland many generations ago, first settling in Pennsylvania, from which state they came to Indiana.  George  is the son of  David  and  Hannah (Warner) Shaver,  people of many fine traits of character.
          After receiving a very meager education in the primitive schools of the early days, and working on his father's farm,  George Shaver  married  Elizabeth J. Snepp,  May 10, 1857, and started out in life for himself.  She was the daughter of  Daniel  and  Mary (Rolman) Snepp.  Daniel Snepp was born and reared in Montgomery county, Ohio.  He came to Shelby county and died here November 2, 1895, having been born in 1814.  The Rolman family were of German descent. Mary Rolman was born in Pennsylvania.  Elizabeth J. (Snepp) Shaver  was born in Montgomery county, Ohio, August 23, 1846, and she came with her parents to Shelby county, Indiana; they located in Jackson township, and she has continued to reside here ever since.  She attended such schools as they had in the early days, her principal education being gained at Mount Auburn.  After her marriage she lived in many places and finally located in the old Snepp farm in sections 19 and 30, consisting of one hundred and sixty acres, which is worth one hundred and twenty dollars per acre.  This place has been kept up to a good productive state, and has always yielded excellent crops, owing to its skillful management.
          To Mr. and Mrs. George Shaver eleven children have been born, seven of whom are living, namely:  Martha U., born March 8, 1858;  Mary H., October 9, 1859; infant, January 17, 1862;  Daniel M., August 8, 1863;  Anna M., November 6, 1865;  Emma M., February 16, 1868;  John M., October 21, 1869;  William E., February 1, 1873;  George A., January 12, 1875;  Charles L., August 28, 1876;  Josie E., November 9, 1879.  Those deceased are  John M.,  George A.  and  Charles A.
          These children have been given what advantages of education as were necessary to fit them for life's duties, and they are all fairly well situated in reference to this world's affairs.
          George W. Shaver  was a very active and robust man all his life up to a few years ago, but for the past four years he has been practically an invalid. In politics he has always supported the Democratic party.  In religious matters the members of this family support the Lutheran church.  They all bear excellent reputations in this township.
History of Shelby County, Indiana,  Edward Chadwick, 1909, pgs 822-823
Submitted by Barb Huff  for Terry Newman

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