George  W.  Fleming

            George  W.  Fleming,  is a native of Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania.  He is a son of  Dr. George  W.  Fleming,  and  Belinda  (McGrew)  Fleming,  and was born November 27, 1843.  The father of Dr. Fleming, born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, in the year 1801, entered Washington College at an early age, and completed his literary course in 1822.  He immediately began the study of medicine in his native town under Dr.  James  Straus,  an eminent physician of that place.  In 1830, he first came to Shelby County; remaining but two years, he returned to Pennsylvania; but in 1849, came again to Shelbyville, where he resided until his death, March 21, 1864.  He is remembered as one of the most eminent physicians this section of Indiana ever had. The mother of our subject, born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, in 1808, is still living in Shelbyville.  Dr. Fleming is the elder of two children, the younger of whom,  Thomas,  is a cashier of the Shelby Bank.  He came with his parents to this county in 1849, and soon attended the public schools of Shelbyville. In 1861, he entered "Washington and Jefferson College" of Pennsylvania, graduating from that school in 1865.  First beginning the study of medicine in the office of  S. D.  Day,  M.D., in 1866, he next attended school at Ann Arbor, Mich., and graduated from the department of chemistry; then attending lecture at Bellevue Hospital Medical College, of New York City, he received his degree from that institution in 1868. The same year he located at Shelbyville, where he has since continued in the practice of his profession.  In 1879, Dr. Fleming married  Mrs. Laura G. Wilson,  youngest daughter of  Solomon A. Gorgas.  He is up with the times in everything relating to his profession and has made several trips to Europe, taking the advantage of visiting the hospitals of its different countries, to further his knowledge.  In politics he is an ardent Republican and socially, is a very pleasant and courteous gentleman.
History of Shelby County, Indiana, Chicago: Brant & Fuller, 1887, "Shelbyville Sketches,"  pages 484-85.

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            Among the physicians of Shelbyville, Dr. Fleming ranks deservedly high, and this he owes to his ability as a physician, his integrity as a man, and his strict, close attention to his practice. He was born in Westmoreland Co., Penn., Nov. 27, 1843; his father was Dr. George W. Fleming, a native of that State, where he was married to Mrs. M. Evans, to whom were born two sons --- George W. and Thomas, the latter being now Cashier in the Shelby Bank. He came to this State in an early day, but did not locate permanently until 1850, when he settled in Shelbyville, where he continued in the practice of his profession up to his death, in March, 1864. His widow still survives him and is residing in this city. The subject of this sketch was 7 years of age when his parents moved to this county, and when 17, he returned to Pennsylvania and entered Washington Literary College, where he graduated in 1865; soon after, he returned to Shelbyville and entered the office of Dr. Day, and in the winter of 1866-67, attended a course of lectures at the University of Michigan, where he graduated in the Department of Chemistry; in the winter of 1866-67, he attended Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York, graduating in the spring of the latter year; returning to Shelbyville he entered into partnership with Dr. Samuel A. Kennedy, which continued for about eighteen months, to the mutual benefit of both, at which time the partnership was dissolved., Dr. Fleming removing to his own office, where he has since continued in a large and increasing practice; in 1872, he spent the greater part of the winter in the hospitals of New York City; in 1874, he made an extended tour of the West India Islands, and, in 1876, took a trip through the Southern States and along the Atlantic seaboard; in the spring and summer of 1878, he made a tour of Europe, visiting the principal cities of the British Isles, as well as those of the Continent; while on those trips he took the advantage of visiting the principal hospitals, thereby gaining a fund of medical knowledge not easily obtained elsewhere; in October, 1878, he returned to Shelbyville, and in May, 1879, was married at Indianapolis, to Mrs. Laura Wilson, youngest daughter of  S. A. Gorgas, a former well-known merchant of Shelbyville. Dr. Fleming is considered on of the best-read physicians of the county, and by practice and rigid study keeps well a pace with the latest developments in medical science. In the sick-room he is kind and patient, doing everything in his power for the speedy relief of the afflicted, and by his calmness in the hour of danger, inspiring the sufferer with that confidence in his ability which is often half the battle. The Doctor is an inveterate enemy of quackery, and cannot tolerate in a brother physician anything contrary to the code of ethics. In his social relation, he is a pleasant, affiable gentleman, fond of the company of his friends and ever respectful of their opinions and feelings. Still in the prime of manhood, he has many years of usefulness yet before him, and, judging by the past, we may safely predict for him that successful future of which his youthful days gave bright promise.
Atlas of Shelby Co., Indiana, Chicago: J.H. Beers & Co, 1880, p 27-28.

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