George  W.  Snepp,  Sr.

          The great commonwealth of Indiana has had a unique development, inasmuch as the settlements made within her borders did not consist of any certain class of immigrants, but of citizens from various parts of the East, some coming from the New England district, some from the Middle Atlantic, while others found their way from the South, coming northward across the Ohio. A large percentage, however, crossed the border from the East, and thus we find many of our earliest settlers arriving from the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Among these were the parents of the gentleman whose name forms the caption for the present sketch.
          George  W.  Snepp,  Sr., County Commissioner of the third district of Shelby county, was born March 28, 1851. He was the son of  Daniel  and  Mary  (Rolman)  Snepp,  both of whom were born in the Buckeye state, in Montgomery county, south of Dayton. They were married in Ohio and six children, four boys and two girls, were born to them, the only survivors of whom are  George  W. and  Elizabeth  (Shaver).  His mother died when George was a year old, and his father was again married, and his second wife is also deceased.
          Our subject was born in Jackson township, this county, on the farm that adjoins the one he now owns. It was here he was reared to manhood, attending the district school during the winter. On April 25, 1870, Mr. Snepp was married to  Caroline  Mahley,  who was born October 16, 1859. To them were born seven children, viz:  Frank W., born February 25, 1877, married  Aurelia Pettigrew,  their home being now in New Albany;  Bertha M.,  born October 13, 1878, married  Arnaldo Eberhart,  a farmer in Jackson township;  Clarence, born February 11, 1880, married  Mary HillHomer R., born May 22, 1884;  India  B., born October 7, 1888;  Oscar  W.,  born March 3, 1891;  Daniel  W.,  born May 3, 1894.
          At the time of his marriage Mr. Snepp purchased a tract of eighty acres, going into debt for a part of the purchase price. He set to work to pay off his encumbrances, and soon manifested his ability to manage the farm to the very best advantage. He was able in a short time to make additional purchases and has shown much skill in the development of his land as to get the most satisfactory results from his work and has not been slow to fall in with the most modern and scientific methods of agriculture. In addition to farming the land he has given some attention to stock raising, and has one of the economy and a judicious grasp of his opportunities, Mr. Snepp has managed to become the owner of quite a large farm, and takes great pleasure in its management and care.
          In 1901 Mr. Snepp was elected Trustee of Jackson township and served until 1905, conducting the affairs of the office on a strict business and economic basis, with the result that the tax levy was reduced during the term, and the general affairs of the office were managed with such discretion as to win words of the highest appreciation from his many friends. At the close of the term he was elected to the County Council, serving until the close of the year 1908. In November of that year he was chosen County Commissioner, and holds that office at the present time and will no doubt reflect credit not only upon himself, but also upon his constituents.

Chadwick's History of Shelby County, Indiana, by Edward H. Chadwick, B.A., assisted by well known local talent, B.F. Bowen & Co, Publishers: Indianapolis, IN, 1909.
Copied by Melinda Moore Weaver for Bruce

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