Henry  Burkher,  Sen.

The  Shelby  Democrat
February 13, 1879
VOL. 1; No. 37
from the article,  SMILING  SHELBYVILLE!

Henry Burkher, Sen.,

Is one of our most enterprising German citizens.  He was born "on the Rhine," in the year 1824.  His parents came to the United States when he was but three years of age, and located about nine miles from Hamilton, Ohio, the present site of Dayton.  They remained there for two years when they moved near Paris, Ohio, and in 1833, moved to this city.  In the year 1837 they moved to the State of Kentucky, where Henry Burkher, then but thirteen years old, served his time in the blacksmith and carriage business.  After remaining in that State for fifteen years, nine of which were spent in Louisville, he returned to this city in 1852, and in 1854, started in business for himself in his present location.  After twenty-two years successful business, he erected the elegant substantial brick business buildings he now occupies, having them arranged especially for his business.  Mr. Burkher is well known throughout this county for his square dealing and moderate charges, and as a consequence, he has a well established trade.  He is agent for the Kirby Mower, the Wheeler No. 16 combined as a reaper and Mower (this is a folding machine), the Cincinnati General Purpose Steel Plow, the Defiance Cultivator, Corn Drills, Single Iron Double Shovel Plow, and the Baker two horse Screw Feed Wheat Drill, with pressure spring on the hose.  This is a different drill from any ever sold in this county, and as it possesses qualities claimed to be far superior to all others, it would be well for those contemplating making purchases in this line to call and examine into the merits of this machine before purchasing elsewhere.  He manufactures a farm wagon of superior quality, every one of which he warrants, also a Double Harrow, which, for durability is not surpassed by any harrow in the country.  Believing that it is a judicious investment he is making additions all the time, and is prepared at all times to offer bargains to those wanting goods in his line.  Special attention given to all kinds of repairing.     
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