Henry  Smith

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From  Genealogy of Moral Township Shelby County, Indiana, written by Velma Ruede
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          Henry C. Smith, born September 15, 1824, in North Carolina, married  Elizabeth Turner, born June 26, 1827, in Virginia.  They were married February 4, 1848.  Their families moved to southern Indiana in 1830.   Henry C. moved again with his parents to Moral Township, Shelby County, and settled near Pleasant View which was then a wilderness.  Their home was approximately one-fourth of a mile north of Moral Township School.  Elizabeth Turner Smith died May 16, 1907, and Henry C. died July 9, 1918.  They are both buried in Cunningham Cemetery in Moral Township.  They were married 59 years.  Their ten children were:  John W. Smith, married to  Sarah Ashworth;  Mary Ann Smith Wood, married to  John A. Wood;  Sarah E. Smith, died early in life; Ruth A. Smith, died when a child;  Austin Smith, born September 16, 1857, in Moral Township, twin of  Albert, died October 20, 1940, married to  Sarah Ann Foster;  Albert Smith, married  Mary Frances Murnan  (twin of Austin);  Jane Smith, married to  Robert Snodgrass;  Meyer Smith, married to  Martha Matt Smith;  Thomas Smith, married to  Nancy Mann;  David Smith, married to  Emma Weaver.
          Austin Smith was born September 16, 1857, in Moral Township, and died October 20, 1940.  He married Sarah Ann Foster on March 22, 1885.  Sarah Ann Foster was born on March 1, 1866, in Moral Township and died February 11, 1942.  Sarah Foster's parents were  Andrew  and  Maranda Foster.  Austin and Sarah Ann's 12 children were:  Bessie Estella Smith Copeland Matlock, born December 28, 1885, died in 1964;  Maranda Agnes Smith Fielder, born October 3, 1887, died 1963;  Ezra Tilman Smith, born August 22, 1889, died March 12, 1952;  Hazel Edith Smith Betz, born September 22, 1891, died 1959 buried in New Palestine, Indiana;  Elma Pearl Smith Talbert, born March 27, 1893, died 1968, buried in New Palestine, Indiana;  Alzella Beatrice Smith McFall, born January 27, 1895, died May 8, 1963, buried in New Palestine;  Edgar Paul Smith, born May 17, 1897, died December 15, 1979, buried at Forest Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, Indiana;  Alta Elizabeth Smith Johnson, born January 29, 1899, buried in Moscow Cemetery, Rush County, Indiana;  Gladys Emiline Smith Knoop, born October 23, 1901;  Gerald Smith, born July 11, 1903, died 1903;  George F. Smith, born February 22, 1905, died 1905;  Albert Maynard Smith, born May 28, 1909, died 1911.
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