Hezekiah Smith, M.D.

          Dr. Hezekiah Smith was born in Ohio in 1820.  He attended the public schools of his native state and later attended a medical college at Dayton, from which he graduated about 1840, or a little later.  Soon after graduating he was married to Miss Catherine McFadden, of Ohio; they were married in Ohio, and soon after moved to Illinois, where he practiced medicine for several years.  He came to Indiana in 1859, and immediately located at Smithland, Shelby county, where he continued in the practice of medicine, with the exception of three of four years that he was located in the northern part of the county, until the time of his death in 1897.  He was the father of seven children, two-- Clarence C. of Fenns and George K. of Jackson Twp, still to survive him.
Chadwick's History of Shelby County, Indiana, by Edward H. Chadwick, B.A., assisted by well known local talent, B.F. Bowen & Co, Publishers: Indianapolis, IN, 1909, pg 226.
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[Summarized by Phyllis Miller Fleming]
Reverend Peter Smith, born February 6, 1753 in Wales; died December 31, 1816 , at his farm home near Donnelsville, Clark County, OH.  Peter married (NJ), December 23, 1776, Catherine Stout, born November 25, 1758, NJ; she died March 3, 1831.  Both buried in old cemetery located on their farm home near Donnelsville, OH.

        1. Samuel Smith, Sr., born April 4, 1778, in New Jersey; died August 12,
1856; married August 22, 1801, Elizabeth McCleave, who was born 1780, in
Martland; died November 13, 1849; both were buried in the old cemetery near
Donnelsville, Clark County, Ohio.
Children of Samuel Smith:  Peter,  Catherine,  John,   Joanna,   George,   Israel,   Samuel, Jr,  Mary,  Sarah,  Ira,  Hezekiah (see 11 below),  Rhoda,  Benjamin (died young)

        4. Hezekiah Smith, born July 17, 1784; minister of the Gospel (Baptist);
resided and died at Smithland, Indiana; descendants in Shelby County,
Indiana.    [author does not give this Hezekiah Smith's descendants]
11-a    Hezekiah Smith, born January 7, 1820, at the Smith farm home, near Donnelsville, OH; and died April 20, 1897, at his home in Shelby County, IN; m, 1848 Catherine McFadden, who was born February 3, 1827, Bethel Twp., Clark County, OH; and died February 4, 1905; both are buried in Miller cemetery, near Smithland, Shelby County, IN.

From  pgs. 31&32
          Hezekiah Smith (born 1820), the youngest son of this large family, chose the medical profession for his life's work.  Practicing physician at North Hampton, OH, a small village.  Country practice was very extensive. The doctor's mode of travel was either horseback & saddle-bag, or on a gig with his medicine case firmly strapped.
          About 1854, Dr. Smith purchased a farm in Lawrence County, Illinois, on which he lived a few years.  Profession demanded his entire attention, he sold the farm and moved to Smithland, Shelby County, IN, where he soon built up a large and lucrative practice.  After the death of his wife, he sold his home in Smithland and spent the rest of his days at the home of his son, Clarence Smith, Fenns, Indiana, continuing at active work until a few weeks before hid death (1897). His cheerful disposition and pleasing conversational ability made his frequent visits to our home events of great pleasure.
Children of Dr. Hezekiah and Catherine McFadden SMITH
Laura H. Smith, born October 23, 1848; died May 23, 1849
Leonidas D. Smith, born July 26, 1850; died December 27, 1850
Robert Mc. Smith, born February 27, 1852; died May 19, 1854
Samuel B. Smith, born April 22, 1855; died February 9, 1864; buried Miller Cem, Shelby Co, IN
Hugar C. Smith, born April 24, 1860; died April 17, 1875; buried Miller cem, Shelby co, Indiana
John Clarence Smith, born January 2, 1858, at Sumner, Illinois; married September 26, 1882, Nora WELLIVER, who was born June 27, 1860 in Johnson co, IN.
George K. Smith, born January 19, 1865, in Smithland, Indiana; married May 12, 1887, Phoebe E. MOHR, who was born November 1, 1862, in Shelby co, IN.

Children of John Clarence and Nora Welliver Smith
Charles H. Smith, born July 14, 1883, at Fenns, Shelby county, Indiana; married March 13, 1904, Lillian DRAGER, who was born 1881, in Shelby county, Indiana; died September 25, 1913; Charles H. Smith died May 28, 1909; both buried in Forest Hill cemetery, Shelbyville, Indiana.
Robert I. Smith, born February 12, 1885, at Fenns, Shelby county, Indiana; married February 8, 1911, Nancy Smith (first wife), who was born in the year 1889, in Shelby county, Indiana; and died July 29, 1914; buried in Forest Hill cemetery, Shelbyville, Indiana; married February 9, 1915, Beulah STRICKLER (2nd wife), who was born January 1896, in Tennessee.
George W. Smith, born April 4, 1886, at Fenns, Shelby county, Indiana; married October 20, 1910, Margaret HORNING, who was born in the year 1880, in Idianapolis, Indiana.
Oscar W. Smith, born July 10, 1887, at Fenns, Shelby county, Indiana; married February 26, 1911, Mattie HEY, who was born January 23, 1888, in Shelby county, Indiana.
Mary Smith, born October 10, 1888, at Fenns, Shelby county, Indiana.
Anna Smith, born May 16, 1894, at Fenns, Shelby county, Indiana; married August 8, 1912, Raymond TREES, who was born August 20, 1893 in Shelby county, Indiana.
Francis Smith, born January 9, 1897, at Fenns, Shelby county, Indiana
Ruth Smith, born June 28, 1899, at Fenns, Shelby county, Indiana.
Joseph Smith, born May 2, 1901, at Fenns, Shelby county, Indiana

Children of Robert I. and Nancy Smith (1) and his second wife, Beulah STRICKLER Smith (2)
Catherine Smith, born September 15, 1912, in Shelby county, Indiana
Claude Everett Smith, born October 4, 1915, in Shelby county, Indiana.

Children of Oscar W. and Mattie HEY Smith
Paul Edwin Smith, born November 15, 1912, in Shelby county, Indiana
Helen Elnora Smith, born July 17, 1915, in Shelby county, Indiana

Children of Anna Smith and Raymond TREES
Marian Elizabeth Trees, born December 19, 1912, in Shelby county, Indiana
Harold Smith Trees, born April 17, 1916, in Shelby county, Indiana

Children of George K. and Phoebe E. MOHR Smith
Blanch E. Smith, born July 21 1883, at Smithland, Shelby county, Indiana; married November 15, 1908, Wallace BILLINGSLY, who was born November 13, 1882, in Shelby twp., Shelby county, Indiana.
Blair E. Smith, born July 15, 1892, at Smithland, Shelby county, Indiana (soldier in Company D, 151st Indiana Volunteer Infantry, at present time ( January 1, 1918) stationed at United States Training Camp, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; later transferred to overseas service).

Child of Blanch E. Smith and Robert BILLINGSLY
George Smith Billingsly, born March 13, 1910, in Jackson twp. Shelby county, Indiana.

The Genealogy of the Descendants of Samuel SMITH , Sr. and Elizabeth (McCleave) Smith, by John Perry Miller, A. M.  Yellow Springs, Ohio 1922
Contributed by Judi Pegg

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