Shelby  County,  Indiana

C. Fred  Inlow

          Dr. C. Fred Inlow, M. D., with his two brothers, William DePrez  and  Herbert Haehl Inlow, comprise the Inlow Clinic of Shelbyville.  Few towns of the size of Shelbyville have such superior facilities as are represented in this organization.  Each of these doctors brings some special skill and training to the clinic, and individually and collectively they represent the best resources of surgery, medicine, diagnosis and the technological aids in practice.
          Dr. C. Fred Inlow was born at Manilla, Rush County, Indiana, September 2, 1894, son of  C. E. and  Alice M. (Haehl) Inlow.  His grandfather, Dr. John J. Inlow, was an old time physician in Southern Indiana.  He was a native of Kentucky, finished his education in the Ohio Medical College of Cincinnati and for four years practiced at Martha's Mills in Kentucky.  About eighty years ago he came to Indiana, walking from Martha's Mills, and in subsequent years made himself a valuable factor in that section of Rush County, where he lived out his life.  He was of Virginia ancestry.  C. E. Inlow was born at Manilla and followed farming as a vocation.  He was always active in local affairs, serving on the school board and the township board.
          Dr. C. Fred Inlow was one of a family of four children.  He attended grade school at Manilla, graduated from the Shelbyville High School and also attended Indiana University.  He is an A. B. graduate of the University of Chicago, where he took his pre-medical course and finished his professional training in Rush Medical College, the affiliated school of medicine of the university.  He was graduated M. D. in 1921 and had the benefit of two years of intern experience and for fifteen months was assigned special work with the United States Veterans Hospital.  For one year he was in the St. Anthony Hospital and in July, 1923, returned to Shelbyville, where he has had a very successful practice, both individually and as a member of the clinic.  He is a member of the Shelby County, Indiana State and American Medical Associations.  For three months before the armistice he was a hospital apprentice in the United States Navy.  He is service officer of his post of the American Legion, is a member of the B. P. O. Elks and votes as a Democrat.  Doctor Inlow married  Miss Fay M. Smith, of Saint Paul, Minnesota.  The Inlow Clinic has its quarters in the First Methodist Building at Shelbyville.
          Dr. William DePrez Inlow was educated at Manilla, in the Shelbyville High School, attended the University of Chicago and was graduated M. D. from Rush Medical College in 1917.  He was a surgeon in the Cook County Hospital of Chicago and in July, 1918, was commissioned a first lieutenant in the Army Medical Corps, serving until February, 1919.  He was assigned to the Two Hundred and Forty-third Field Hospital, Eleventh Sanitary Train with the LaFayette Division.  He has had a wonderful training in surgery.  For three years he was with the Mayo Clinic, was appointed a fellow in surgery in the Mayo Foundation at the University of Minnesota and also had post-graduate work in Vienna under  Dr. Hans Finisterer  and studied in Paris with the Alliance Francaise during 1921-22.  He received many special commendations during his work as a Mayo operator.  He is a member of the Shelby County, Indiana State and American Medical Associations, is a Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Pi, a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
          Dr. Herbert H. Inlow, the third member of the Inlow Clinic, was a student in Indiana University in 1917-18, took his A. B. degree at the University of Chicago in 1920 and in 1923 graduated M. D. from Rush Medical College.  He spent one year as an interne with United States Veterans Hospital No. 30 at Chicago and for three months was with the Presbyterian Hospital in that city, specializing in x-ray work.  He joined his brothers in the clinic at Shelbyville in 1926.  He is a member of the Radiological Society of America, a charter member of the Indiana Roentgen Society, a member of the County, Indiana State and American Medical Associations and is an Alpha Omega Alpha.

INDIANA ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS OF AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT,  Vol. 3, By Charles Roll, A.M., The Lewis Publishing Company, 1931
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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