James C. Carter

A  Shelbyville  Newspaper
Highly Honored at Harvard University
          Dr. James C. Carter, son of  Mr. And Mrs. Isaac Carter  of this city, has been highly honored at Harvard, America’s oldest and largest university.   Dr. Carter, who will graduate in the medical department at Harvard University, has been selected as one of the interns for the Boston city hospital for the next two years.  The place is a very desirable one, as a young physician has his expenses paid and is given the best opportunity ih the world to perfect himself in his chosen profession.  There are 17 out of a very large class that took the competitive examination to secure the appointment and Mr. Carter was on of four appointed and he ranking right at the top among the four.
          We are glad to see this bright Shelbyville student taking such high rank where the competition is so vigorous.  The positions are very desirable and are sought by students all over New England.  Four were appointed from Harvard and two from other New England colleges, making six in all.

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