Jeremiah  McNamara

          All of the older citizens of Shelby County have pleasant memories of  "Jerry" McNamara, the big-hearted, jovial disposition Irishman, who delighted every crowd he came into with his humor and was a favorite with all classes of people. All the children loved "Jerry" because he was fond of the young people and always had a kind work for the ambitious boy or girl. Mr. McNamara was generous and always ready to open his purse to worthy men or worthy causes.  He was welcomed in all gatherings, for his very presence had a tendency to infuse energy.  A life-long Democrat, he was always heard from during campaigns, upholding the principles and candidates of his party.  He was a hustler and vote getter that every candidate was anxious to have on his side.  Charm of the social circle, a warm fiend, an accommodating neighbor, kindness itself in all that concerned his family, many sincere regrets were expressed and real sorrow felt among thousands of people when it was announced that his genial-heart had ceased to beat.  Jeremiah McNamara  was born in Ireland, near the city of Limerick, March 17, 1840.  Thirteen years later, he came to New York with his sister, Mary, arriving at the great metropolis after a tempestuous voyage of seven weeks.  After spending two years in New York, Mary and her fifteen-year-old brother started West, and eventually reached Indianapolis on their way to Hancock County, near Palestine, where their parents lived.  The Irish lad grew to manhood in this place and during the process learned all about hard work, which was the inseparable condition of farm boys in Indiana at that time.   He became a farmer on his own account, and though he had the usual hardships, misfortunes and accidents to the business, he finally won out and long before the final summons reached him he was in comfortable circumstances.  Beginning in a small way,he added to his holdings until he had one hundred and twenty acres of excellent farming land, possessing all the modern improvements and kept in a high state of cultivation.  He died in 1907, in the presence of as sincere a band of mourners as ever followed a man to his grave.
          In 1863 Mr. McNamara married  Melvina, daughter of  Peter and Martha (Henderson) Waggoner, the former a Pennsylvanian, who was reared and married in Rush county. The children of Mr. and Mrs. McNamara were as follows:  Mary died in infancy; John J. married  Emma Valentine  and lives in Moral township;  Calvin married  Minnie McNamara and resides in Van Buren township;  Nellie is the wife of  Lewis Miller of Moral township; Martha is the wife of  Stephen Karr, of Moral township;  Oliver, who married  Daisy Golding, is a resident of Van Buren township;  Ira, who married  Lena Bell of Van Buren township, resides on the home place of his mother;  Lulu is the wife of  Hayden Noe, Moral township;  Pearl is at the home of her mother.
          Mr. McNamara, during his whole life, was a devoted member of the Roman Catholic Church, and he is one of that type of men who make the world better from his having lived in it.
Chadwick's History of Shelby County, Indiana, by Edward H. Chadwick, B.A., assisted by well known local talent, B.F. Bowen & Co, Publishers: Indianapolis, IN, 1909.

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