John  J. Wingate

          John J. Wingate, Business Manager of the  Shelby Republican, and one of the contracting stockholders, was born in Shelby County, Indiana, July 1, 1839.  He is the son of  Smith and  Catherine (Titus) Wingate, who came to this county from Owen County, Kentucky. The latter remained a resident of this county until her death, but the former married again, and moved to Taylorsville in Bartholomew, where he died in 1882. In 1856, our immediate subject engaged to learn the printer's trade with Solomon Alter, who was then the publisher of the Independent Banner, with whom he continued until the election of Mr. Lincoln, as President.  Mr. Alter receiving an appointment under the new administration, went to Washington, leaving the Banner in charge of young Wingate.  The latter soon suspended publication of his paper, and accepted the position of foreman in the Volunteer Office where he continued until 1863.  From this time until 1865, he was engaged in the grocery business.  In January, 1866, the Shelby Republican was founded by Mr. James Cumback, as editor.  The subject of our sketch accepted a position on that paper then, and has been ever since in different capacities with the exception of eighteen months, during which time he filled an appointment in the mail service.  In 1872, the proprietorship of the Republican passed over to S.J. Thompson.  In 1884, Mr. Thompson sold his paper to the Shelby Printing Company.  This was a Stock Company, and chose  Charles X. Mathews, Editor, and  John J. Wingate, Business Manager.  Mr. Wingate now owns a large number of shares of stock in this company.  September 3, 1861, Mr. Wingate was married to  Miss Lucy A. Lacy, at Edinburg, Indiana.  They have one child, William L. Both Mr. Wingate and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, of this city.  The former is also a charter member of Chillon Lodge No. 129, Knights of Pythias.  Mr. Wingate has always been an ardent Republican.  He is a first rate business man, sociable and friendly, and consequently is very popular among many in both parties.
History of Shelby County, Indiana,  "Shelbyville Sketches,"  Chicago: Brant & Fuller, 1887, "Shelbyville Sketches", pp 548-9
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming.

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