Joseph  H.  Snepp

          Among the large number from the Buckeye state who have come to Shelby County, Indiana, and materially aided in the development of the same through the investment of capital and indomitable energy applied to the natural resources found here is the gentleman whose name forms the caption of this biographical review, as was his father before.    John  and  Catherine  (Neible)  Snepp,  parents of  Joseph  H.,  were born in Ohio, grew to maturity and married in that state, and in March, 1845, migrated to Jackson township, Shelby County, Indiana, where they located in the neighborhood where Joseph H. now resides.  They purchased one-hundred and sixty acres, which was added to through the thrift and economy of those sterling pioneers until they had a very valuable farm of two-hundred and five acres.  John Snepp also managed very successfully an extensive nursery for a period of thirty years.  He made money rapidly.  He was born August 5, 1812, and his wife on April 10, 1815.  The date of their marriage was January 31, 1833.  The formers death occurred July 7, 1881, and that of the latter January 3, 1875.  John Snepp was a strong Democrat and he and his wife were church members.  To them the following children were born:  Elizabeth,  December 23, 1833;  William,  October 21, 1835;  Mariah,  July 16, 1837;  Sarah  A.,  July 19, 1838; Joseph  H.,  April 23, 1841;  David  J.,  May 20, 1842.  These children were all born in Ohio.  Mary J.,nbsp; born May 5, 1847, in Shelby County, Indiana.  Of these children Joseph H. and William are living.
          Joseph H. Snepp’s birthplace was Montgomery County, Ohio, on the date mentioned above, and was brought to Shelby County by his parents when he was about 4 years old. It was here he was reared, attended the common schools and received a fairly good education.
          Mr. Snepp was married on December 30, 1862, to  Mrs.  Elizabeth  (Mullendore)  Legate,  widow of  John  Legate,  and daughter of  Jacob  Mullendore,  and a sister to  David  and  George  Mullendore. She was educated in the common schools. To this union four children were born, namely:  Loren W.,  November 28, 1863;  Luetta  M., January 7, 1867;  I. C.,  February 18, 1870;  John  W., April 12, 1880.  Loren W. and I. C. are graduates of the Edinburg high school.  Luetta  M.  married  Charles  Billingsley,  of Shelbyville, Indiana.  Mrs. Snepp was married to  John  Legate  November 7, 1854, his death occurring May 4, 1857. To this union two children were born,  Ivory H., August 21, 1855, and  Laura Alice, October 9, 1857.  The latter became the wife of  David R. Webb.
          Mr. Snepp is the owner of an excellent farm of eighty-eight acres in section 31, Jackson township, which is under a high state of cultivation, and on it stand modern and substantial buildings with attractive surroundings.  In politics, Mr. Snepp is a Democrat, and he and his family are members of the Evangelical Lutheran church.  This family bears an excellent reputation in this community.
Chadwick's History of Shelby County, Indiana, by Edward H. Chadwick, B.A., assisted by well known local talent, B.F. Bowen & Co, Publishers: Indianapolis, IN, 1909.
Copied by Jane Fullington

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