Mrs.  Joseph  Levinson

February 20, 1879
VOL. 1; No. 37
from the article, SMILING  SHELBYVILLE!
Mrs.  Joseph  Levinson.
At her elegant store next door to Hamilton's Bank, needs no introduction to the ladies.  They knew just how well she tries to please them in everything.  The experience of years has given her a perfect knowledge of the wants of the people, and she makes her purchases accordingly.
          Mrs. Levinson has been a resident of this city since the year 1846.  Her first start in business was made in 1867, in the same location of the room that now constitutes the north wing of her tore.  The business at the start was very limited.  The manufacture of hoop skirts was begun, she also keeping a very small stock of hosiery and notions.  As time rolled on the business increased, and accordingly a new lot of goods was added to her stock.  In 1869, her trade having greatly increased, it was deemed advisable, to better accommodate her numerous customers, to rent the room immediately to the south, and adjoining the one she then occupied.  this was accordingly done and a more extensive stock purchased.  After one year's successful business in this room she purchased the property of Samuel Hamilton, paying two thousand five hundred dollars therefor.  During the next five  years the building was remodeled and improved to the extent of one thousand dollars.  Her trade increased rapidly, and she did an immense business in the millinery and notion line.  In the year 1875 misfortune overtook her in the shape of fire, which completely destroyed her building.  The insurance on the property was small and she received but seven hundred and forty dollars, making a clear loss of two thousand two hundred and sixty dollars, besides discommoding her considerably by stopping the business.  The work of rebuilding was immediately commenced and pushed forward rapidly, and in December 1876, she reopened with a complete assortment of millinery goods, ladies furnishings, etc.  The new store room is a model of neatness and is reputed to be the cleanest, neatest and best arranged millinery room in the State of Indiana.  Mrs. Levinson has built up a large and extensive trade, made many warm friends by her fair dealing and is justly entitled to the reputation she has established of being the best milliner Shelby county ever had.  This spring's stock will be very large, and will embrace all the latest and most elegant novelties in the way of hats, bonnets, fine flowers and feathers, ever exhibited in this city; also a splendid assortment of ladies ready-made suits of all styles and prices.  Her work is all first-class and will bear the most critical inspection, for in trimmings and trimming she has few equals.
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Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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