Lot  Green

          Dr. Lot Green  was born in Arlington, Rush County, Ind., July 29, 1847.  His parents were  Dr. J. W. and  Mary J. (Gowdy) Green, natives of Rush county, Ind., and at present residents of Shelbyville, Ind.  Our subject was reared in Arlington where his father was engaged in the practice of medicine.  In his early life he received a good education, and in 1878 he entered the medical department of Butler University, but rior to this he had read under his father and was well versed in anantomy, physics, etc.  In 1880 he graduated from that institution and first began the practice of medicine in Arlington, and has always practiced in this county.  He has been eminently successful in his chosen profession.  In 1872 he chose for his life companion  Cordelia Barnard, daughter of  Brasilla* G. and  Rachel (Roberts) Barnard, the former a native of North Carolina, who came to Union County with his parents when four years of age.  The latter was a native of West Virginia, and is deceased.  Mrs. Green was born in Posey Township, and has always resided in Rush County.  Mr. and Mrs. Green are blessed with five sons,  Lucien,  Hallie W.,  Frank H.,  Charlie  and  Blain,  all living.  Mr. Green is a member of the I.O.O.F. at Arlington.  Politically, he is a staunch Republican, and takes an interest in the affairs of his party.  He began life a poor man, but by industry and perseverance has been eminently successful.  He owns a fine farm in Section 7, provided with good improvements.  An honorable man in all the affairs of life he holds the respect and confidence of the people.
From History of Rush County, Indiana, Chicago: Brant & Fuller, 1887, pages 414-415.
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