M.  J.  Young

          Prominent among the citizens of Washington township, who, by lives of probity, honest dealings and industry, are entitled to the admiration and respect that is accorded them by their fellow men is the subject of this sketch.  Mr. Young is a native of Washington township, and was born June 30, 1861.  His parents were  John  and  Martha (Drake), nee Ogden Young.
          Joseph Drake, maternal grandfather of the subject, was born in Maryland in 1774, his wife being  Mary White, whose birth occurred February 23, 1778.  Some time after their marriage the Drakes removed to Ohio, and kept what was then known as a tavern on the road between Cincinnati and Reading, Ohio.  It was in 1833 when they transferred their belongings to Shelby county, Indiana, settling in Washington township.  Shortly after his arrival there Mr. Drake engaged in the business of miller.  Eventually, however, he disposed of this establishment, and removed to Hope, Indiana, where he remained until he moved to Shelbyville, where he died October 11, 1861, his wife following him o the grave September 3d of the same year.
          Martha Drake, daughter of  Joseph  and  Mary, was wedded to  Henry Ogden  in May 1837, and he died September 27, 1856.  Three years later she entered a matrimonial alliance with  John Young, father of the subject.  John Young was born in Yorkshire, England, in March, 1812, and came to America in 1830, locating at Cincinnati, where he lived until 1836.  He was a gardener by trade, and a man of small means.  Believing that he could better his financial condition by engaging in agricultural pursuits, he decided to give up city life, and he betook himself to Washington township.  He had sufficient capital to purchase eighty acres of heavily wooded land, and through seemingly endless toil, succeeded in clearing a large portion of it.  He prospered and kept adding to his possessions until he was the owner of two hundred twenty acres of the most fertile land in Shelby county.  He died at Shelbyville, March 11, 1890.  He was a man of clean personality and the strictest integrity.  He had been married previously to his alliance with Mrs. Ogden.  His first wife, who was  Frances Hargrove, died after having given birth to eight children.
          M. J. Young, in common with other lads of his day, attended the district schools, and received a fair education.  He was married December 21, 1880, to  Melissa E. Fateley, who was born March 25, 1856.  One child, Arthur, was born to them, his birth having occurred December 3, 1890.  He received a common school education, and resides with his parents.
          When Mr. Young began farming he was the owner of but forty acres.  He purchased more land from time to time until now his farm consists of one hundred and forty acres of splendidly improved soil.  He is considered one of the most successful agriculturists in this section of Indiana.  He does no give his entire time to the farm by any means, however, as he is an experienced breeder of high grade stock, and has on his place a number of fine colts and horses.  He takes an interest in fraternal orders, and is a member of Chillon Lodge, No. 129, Knights of Pythias, of Shelbyville, and Modern Woodmen, 3372, Shelby Camp.  In politics he has always been identified with the Democratic party, although he is inclined to be independent in local elections.  Mr. Young has a high respect for truth and honesty, and is noted among those with whom he has frequent business transactions to be thoroughly fair and straightforward in all of his dealings.
          Mr. Young is not only a hunter of considerable local renown, but is an ardent follower of the piscatorial art, spending considerable time along the river banks during the fishing season, and big catches of members of the finny tribe are of frequent occurrence with him.
Chadwick's History of Shelby County, Indiana, by Edward H. Chadwick, B.A., assisted by well known local talent, B.F. Bowen & Co, Publishers: Indianapolis, IN, 1909, p 750-751.
Copied by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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