Morton Murphy

           Morton Murphy is an Indiana man whose genius has been chiefly exemplified in manufacturing lines.  He is one of the founders and active officials of the All Right Manufacturing Company at Rushville, a company whose output of electrical heating appliances and novelties are sold and used all over the United States.   Mr. Murphy was born in Shelby County, Indiana, May 1, 1876.  His parents, Milton and Ruth C. (McCarty) Murphy, were also born in Indiana and his mother resides at Fort Wayne.  His father, who died in 1904, was a locomotive engineer.   The parents established their home in Rushville in 1882, and it was here that Morton Murphy acquired his early education.  When fourteen years of age he started work in  the finishing department of a furniture factory and later was promoted to foreman, and remained with that business for ten years.   In 1905 he became foreman for the National Sweeper Company at Marion, Indiana, and when the business was destroyed by fire three years later he became foreman for the Udell Works at Indianapolis.  After three years he went to Janesville, Wisconsin, and was superintendent of a fireless cooker company for seven years.   Mr. Murphy upon returning to Indiana again located at Marion, where he organized the Allmur Manufacturing Company, making a line of electric heaters.  After four years he sold out his interest and in 1922 organized at Indianapolis the All Right Manufacturing Company.  In 1924 the plant was moved to Rushville, where it is located in the Ford Building.  This company specializes in electric heating appliances, including light lunch electric equipment, grills, steam tables, toasting machines and other apparatus, and the name of this company appears on such appliances in use in restaurants and other establishments and homes from the Atlantic to the Pacific Coast.  The president of the company is  R. L. Tompkins, Mr. Murphy is secretary and treasurer and  I. Lee Endres  is general manager.   Mr. Murphy married, March 7, 1896, Miss Lena Palmer, who was born at Rushville, Indiana, daughter of  Martin and Mary (Simpson) Palmer.  Mr. and Mrs. Murphy have three children.  Fred C. is proprietor of a music and radio store at Janesville, Wisconsin.  Gilbert C. is superintendent of the plant of the All Right Manufacturing Company.  Gladys Helen  is the wife of  Herbert G. Spellman, of Indianapolis.  Mr. Murphy is active in the Methodist Episcopal Church, being president of the Men’s Class.  He is a Republican and is affiliated with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.  His home is at 711 North Perkins Street.

This book has no cover, and no index, and no author.  I bought it on Ebay; it just has the insides, but it is full of Indiana biographies. I am not researching this family, just thought I would share.  I do not know anymore about these families or these surnames.  NOTE:  I don‘t know if there is any additional mention of this family in the book, it has no index.
Typed by Lora Radiches: 2-25-2005

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