The Page Brothers

The  Shelbyville  Republican
Thursday January 7, 1943
Page 1 column 4

Five Sons of City Woman Serving in Armed Forces
            If by some quirk of fate the five Page brothers, sons of Mrs. Carl Page, of 238 east Mechanic street, now serving with Uncle Sam's armed forces, should ever meet while facing the enemy, they would no doubt call time out, talk things over and go back into the "game" with a few ideas of their own about the "plays" that were being made. Because--down to the last man--they were star atheletes, and local residents will well remember their records of past years on the basketball floor at the local high school. There are six boys in the family and but for a childhood injury there would be six men serving their country. Gordon, the elsest son, now 30, is a member of the Army Reserves, but results of the injury kept him from active service last year. James, 28, enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard on April 1942 and is now assigned to a base in New Jersey. John, 25, former athletic assist- ant at the Shelbyville schools, enlisted in the Air Corps last spring and was sent to the Santa Ana, Cal., air base in October. Edward, 24, is a graduate of the New Mexico State Teachers College and was employed in Silver City, N.M., before enlisting in the Navy. He is now attending a naval radio school at San Diego, Cal. These three men are married. Donald, 21, was employed at the Allison Corp. in Indianapolis when he enlisted in the Coast Guard in August. He is now a second class sea- man and is stationed at Washington, D.C. Walter, the "baby" of the family, is 18. He was attending the New Mexico College, but is now undergoing "boot" training at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station following his enlistment two weeks ago. A service flag with five stars hangs proudly in the win- dow at the Page home and they represent a wealth of memories for the mother of these boys who, when answering questions concerning her sons, said: "Worry? Of course, but we mothers have to push fear away and keep so busy that we don't have time to worry much."
Submitted by Barb Huff.

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