Patrick Kirwin

A Family Ballad

A lad named Patrick Kirwin who lived on the Emerald Isle
Decided to leave that country and try America awhile.
He left old Dublin behind him when he told his friends goodbye
He kissed his poor old mother and told her not to cry.
He landed in New York after six weeks on the sea
He saw no one but strangers and was homesick as could be.
He stayed awhile in the city then started for the West
When he reached Shelbyville, Indiana, he stopped awhile to rest.
It just happened at this time that a girl named Martha Mills
Had gone there on a visit from the North Carolina Hills.
When Patrick saw this brown eyed lass in the good old Hoosier State
He decided that he'd win her, for he knew he'd met his fate.
He courted her at morning, he courted her at night
Until finally he won her, then everything seemed bright.
Then they were married, starting out together
Taking life just as it came through fair or cloudy weather.
Their first baby was a boy, Francis Marion was his name
For the famous North Carolinian of Revolutionary fame.
There followed in quick succession two girls and five little brothers
They all were loved and cared for as children are by fathers and mothers.
In the fall of 1876 on a bright and sunny day
They all started for the West and located in Neodesha.
Down the street from where they lived in a house the color of brown
Lived a girl named Sarah Haynes, one of the prettiest girls in town.
When Frank saw this golden haired girl he knew he'd found his wife
They were married the next July and settled down for life.
Into their happy lives did come to share in all their joys
Several pretty, dainty girls and a number of little boys.
Patrick's children's children and his great grandchildren, too
Are traveling along the pathway of life as all of us must do.
God keep them safe on the long highway, the children , women and men
That they reach the harbor of peace and rest is my sincere wish for them.

Aunt Lou (Louisa Thornton) Kirwin cc 1930

Patrick Kirwin  b. 17 March 1801 Dublin, Ireland d. 5 May 1885 West Cherry Township, Montgomery County, Kansas
Married 22 July 1855 Addison Township, Shelby County, Indiana, Martha Jane Mills b. 4 July 1835 North Carolina d. 27 April 1891 West Cherry Township, Montgomery County, Kansas
Children:  Francis Marion,  William H.,  Mary A.,  John Arthur,  Thomas Jordan,  Charles Edward,  Albert W.

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