J. S.  Rice

The  Shelby  Democrat
February 13, 1879
VOL. 1;  No. 37
from the article, SMILING  SHELBYVILLE!
Dr. J. S. Rice  came to Shelbyville about six years ago and opened a dental office in the rooms which he now occupies over  Gorgas & Strong's  hardware store.  His services came rapidly into demand and in a short space of time he had established an extensive business among the most intelligent class of people and his work is now well known throughout this and adjoining counties.  Dr. R. first studied and graduated in Medicine before entering upon his career in dentistry.  His medical lectures were taken in the well known Bellevue Hospital Medical College of the city of New York, and he received the diploma of that institution on the first of March, 1866.  Soon afterwards he commenced the study of dentistry and pursued the same until 1869, when he commenced dental practice in the town of Laurel this State.  During the ten years which have since elapsed, Dr. R. has applied himself closely to his profession, keeping pace with its advancement and often aiding the same by publishing essays in the dental journals and attending the meetings of dental societies.  In 1875, the Ohio College of Dental Surgery, conferred upon Dr. Rice an honorary degree.  In the summer of 1877, Dr. R. made the tour of Europe carrying with him letters of introduction to distinguished dentists abroad, and while in London and Paris and other cities of the old world, availed himself of all opportunities to gain additional knowledge of dentistry, especially as practiced by skillful dentists in Europe.  After his return he delivered an address before the class of the Ohio College of Dental Surgery at Cincinnati, giving a sketch of his observations concerning foreign dentistry.  In March, 1878, the Mississippi Valley Dental Association, then holding its session at Cincinnati, elected Dr. Rice a delegate to represent that body at the annual meeting of the American Dental Association.  The above office is conveniently fitted up and supplied with all modern improvements, and the Doctor is always ready to serve all who desire first-class dental work.
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Contributed by Jeanne Surber

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