Turman  &  Pierson

The  Shelby  Democrat
February 13, 1879
VOL. 1; No. 37
from the article, SMILING  SHELBYVILLE!
Turman & Pierson

          Are the proprietors of the largest and best arranged restaurant in this city.  In May, 1878 they bought out  Michael Posz, and made such improvements and changes as were necessary to make theirs a first-class restaurant in every respect.  The Opera House Restaurant, under their management, is daily adding to its popularity.  The young men who constitute this firm are enterprising, and as a reward for the energy displayed, they have secured a large and profitable trade which is steadily increasing.  At their place can be found everything in the eatable line, fresh and nice every day during the season.  They keep open day and night, and serve meals on short notice.  They keep everything nice and clean, and you can always depend on gentlemanly treatment from their hands.  Parties and festivals supplied with everything needed for a good meal or lunch, on reasonable terms.  Give them a call.  Their place of business is in the basement of the Opera Hall building.
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Contributed by Jeanne Surber
Note:  Wes McDivitt looked for these men in the 1880 census (so we could give them first names!) but could not find any suitable matches.  If you have information on either of these restauranteers, please contact me.

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