William  F. Vogel

          William F. Vogel, superintendent of schools at Shelbyville, has given most of his active career to educational work in Indiana. He came to Shelbyville after several years with the Indiana State Department of Education, where he served as director of teacher training.
          He was born in Vanderburg County, Indiana, September 21, 1884.  His great-grandfather came from Bavaria, Germany, and was the founder of the family in Vanderburg County.  His grandfather, William Vogel, was a farmer and blacksmith, and during the Civil war was a member of the Indiana Home Guard.  The father of William F. Vogel is  Charles W. Vogel, who was born in Vanderburg County and is a well-to-do and substantial farmer of Warrick County and was at one time township trustee of Boone Township.  He married  Margaret Bower, and they reared a family of five children.
          William F. Vogel grew up in Warrick County, attended rural schools and the Boonville High School.  His first teaching work was done when he was nineteen years of age.  He taught in Boone Township of Warrick County, in the Boonville grade schools, and then became principal of the Poseyville High School.  During these years he was utilizing his vacation periods by carrying advanced studies in Indiana University and spent two full years there, 1907-08 and 1911-12.  His A. B. degree came from Indiana University in 1912.  Subsequent to that he continued his graduate studies and in 1917 Columbia University awarded him the Master of Arts degree.  After leaving Poseyville High School Mr. Vogel was principal of the North Vernon High School one year, and in the fall of 1913 became superintendent of city schools there.  For the school year 1917-18 he returned to his home town as superintendent of schools at Boonville.  For several summer sessions he was one of the instructors in Evansville College.  Mr. Vogel in 1924 was appointed by State Superintendent B. J. Burris as director of the teachers training division of the Indiana State Department of Education at Indianapolis, and he remained there until January, 1927.  It was a work that brought him in contact with educators allover the state and did much to increase his standing and reputation among Indiana school men. Since January, 1927, he has had charge of the administration of the public school system of Shelbyville.
          Mr. Vogel is a member of the Indiana State Teachers Association, is on the executive committee of the Indiana School Men's Club, a member of the Southern Indiana Superintendents Club and the Indiana Superintendents Research Club.  He is a Phi Delta Kappa, the national educational fraternity, a Rotarian and a Mason.  During the World war he was living in Jennings County and took an active part in promoting the success of the various Government campaigns for the sale of bonds, war stamps, and was one of the speakers in the Red Cross campaign.  In August, 1929, Mr. Vogel married  Miss Mabel C. Stanley, of Indianapolis, Indiana, his present wife.  His first wife was  Blanche Huffman, who died, leaving two children, Margaret Ann  and  William Robert, both of whom are attending school at Shelbyville.

INDIANA ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS OF AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT,  Vol. 3, By Charles Roll, A.M., The Lewis Publishing Company, 1931
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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