Samuel  Wiener

The  Shelby  Democrat
February 13, 1879
VOL. 1;  No. 37
from the article, SMILING  SHELBYVILLE!

The proprietor of this widely known establishment has been engaged in the business for over ten years.  He was, for a number of years, in New York City, where he did a large business.  He came here from the metropolis, and in May 1878, opened out a stock in the south room of Kennedy's block, southwest angle of the Public Square.  The popular prices adopted by this house were appreciated by the people in this vicinity, and his trade grew so rapidly than an enlargement of the store room was a necessity.  In August of the same year the store room was enlarged thirty- five feet, which enabled him to better accommodate his customers.  As his trade increased he made additions to his stock, until now it is complete in every respect.  He makes a specialty of millinery goods at prices never before heard of in this city, and his trade in this line has grown to mammoth proportions, until now he has the largest trade in this county in that specialty.  At Wiener's Cheap Store may be found all the latest styles and novelties in the way of millinery goods of all kinds, the largest stock of trimmings, fine silk handkerchiefs and elegant styles in ties, and ornaments for the hair, ladies furnishing goods and notions.  In short, it is impossible to name anything in the catalogue of millinery goods which he can not furnish . Give him a call, and you can rest assured of receiving the best bargains to be had in this city.  Miss Anna Deitzer   is still with the above firm, and will be pleased to see all of her friends.
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Contributed by Jeanne Surber
Note:  Wes McDivitt of the Shelbyville-Shelby Co Library, was able to locate  Sam Weiner  (note alternate spelling), in the 1880 census.  Sam's occupation is listed as "milliner store";  he was a boarder on Harrison St; his age was 33.

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