S. B.  Worland

The  Shelby  Democrat
February 13, 1879
VOL. 1;  No. 37
from the article, SMILING  SHELBYVILLE!
Was born in Addison township, Shelby county, Indiana, in the year 1841.  He was raised on a farm, and followed the avocation of farming until 1871, when he engaged in the saw-mill business in Clinton county, this State.  In 1877 he located in this city and obtained the agency of the Singer Sewing Machine for this county.
She sings as she sews,
And she sews as she sings,
For she worked on a Singer Machine.
The reason for her gushing joy was that she had a new Singer Sewing Machine, with all the attachments, and she didn't want any "other feller."  It is a curious fact that this admirable machine brings happiness into the household, so perfect is its construction, so faithfully does it perform its work, and with so little trouble that the woman that owns one is to be envied.  It has become an easy matter to possess one of these household treasures.  The agent, Mr. Worland, is located at Bookwalter's store, north side of Public Square, where he can be found during business hours.  He keeps a complete stock of these machines at all prices, and you may select any which you may prefer and wish to purchase, and pay for it by installments, and this at a reduction of thirty dollars on the original price of the improved machine.  The steady increasing sales of this queen of sewing machines proves its popularity as nothing else could.  The Singer has been extensively used in this city by people in the manufacturing business, and all such persons are loud in its praise.  They say it is the best machine in the market, and they ought to know.
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