Delayed  Birth  Records
Shelby  Co,   Indiana

Delayed birth records are NOT birth certificates filed by the attending physician at the birth.  They are legal documents filed, usually when the person was already an adult, "certifying" that person's date of birth.  Here are some interesting stories:

Carleen:  Don't believe everything you read on a delayed birth record.  My Mother was born before birth certificates and when my Dad died, she had to have a birth certificate to get his Social Security benefits. When my mother applied for a delayed birth record, she used the only "aunt" living to attest to her birth.  The only problem was this aunt was on my father's side of the family and I know she did not know my Mother when she was born!  The birth record also listed the aunt-in-law as my mother's mother!  If I had not known that, it would have messed me up!

Ann:  When I went to work I needed a birth certificate.  Come to find out, my birth was never registered.  I took my marriage certificate and daughter's birth certificate down to the Public Health Dept and was issued a delayed birth certificate.  It has been accepted everywhere I have presented it.

Jeanne:  I am the proud owner of a delayed birth certificate.  I was born nearly 70 years ago in a small town hospital and somehow the paperwork for a birth certificate wasn't carried out.  My birth was recorded at the hospital, but no official certificate issued at the nearest appropriate county office.  This never was a problem until we moved to the "big city" (pop. 33,000) when I was about 11 and the school system there required a birth certificate.  I still recall how the clerk looked me up and down as if to verify that I really was 12 years old, and in fact, a living human.  She peered at me over her glasses rather suspiciously, and I giggled and got soundly shushed for it!
          My brother, 12 years older, had been born at home.  The ONLY proof of his birth was a small post card (mailed and postmarked) dated and scribbled in pencil, stating that "Lola bore babe today at 12 noon.  Boy.  Aunt Annie"  (the midwife was also my father's aunt).  When my brother joined the Navy in 1937, he was still not required to have a Soc. Sec. number.  He did however, get one a few years later while stationed in Honolulu.
          Which reminds me of something else I found interesting that could also be true of many others who received the delayed birth certificates.  My brother died a few years ago and I looked up his Soc. Sec. record on the SSDI.  It shows that his SS# was issued in Hawaii.  Since he was born and raised in IOWA, this could be confusing to a modern researcher who is accustomed to seeiing the SS# issued in or near the place of birth.  Most children now get their numbers very early in life.  So if your suspected ancestor got a SS card in some state far removed from the state of supposed origin -- remember that a "few" years ago, you could live a long time and travel a long way without that number.

Nan:  My mom was able to help my grand uncle get a birth certificate by using the information in a census record which showed both parents, and his age; with the delayed birth record, he was able to get a Social Security Card.

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Transcribed by Lora

Child's Name Birthdate Birthplace Father's Name/Birthplace Mother's Name/Birthplace Birth position Dr's Name Date Filed
John Oliver Sprang 18 June 1895 Hamilton Township/ Brown Co IN Thomas O. Sprang/ Penn Nancy Irene Petro/ MO 4th child   18 June 1941
Ora Verl Hasecuster 12 March 1888 Shelby Co/ Indiana Charley Hasecuster/ Richmond IN Samantha Sandifer/ Shelby Co IN 3rd child   18 June 1941
Ora Brinton Hill 24 October 1888 Shelby Co IN Franklin Hill/ Shelby Co IN Sarah Maria Hill/ Bartholomew Co IN 4th child   18 June 1941
Lula Mae McCain 24 November 1876 Shelby Co IN William McCain/ Decatur Co IN Alice S. Allison/ IN 2nd child Dr. Howard 21 June 1941
Roy Kessler 23 April 1893 Elgin Illinois August Kessler Nettie Ann Reed/ Shelby Co IN 1st child   8 June 1941
James Lester Bailey 24 Sep 1910 Shelby Co IN Henry Morton Baily/ KY Bessie Loraine Floyd/ IN 1st child Dr. Drake 28 June 1941
Mahlon Smith 6 Feb 1885 Shelby Co IN Randolph Smith/ Shelby Co IN Metilda Stine/ Shelby Co IN 5th child Dr. Walter Ford  
Emma Senour Deprez 2 August 1868 Shelby Co IN George W. Senour/ Shelby Co IN Frances Robins Senour/ IN 2nd child Dr. Milton Robins 5 July 1941
Margaret Birely 26 June 1894 Shelby Co IN Charles Birely/ MD Frances Senour Birely/ IN 2nd child Dr. John Lucas 5 July 1941
Oscar Boyles Luther 10 June 1890 NC Frances Whitfield Luther/ NC Sarah Elizabeth Miller/ IN 2nd child Dr. Boyles 5 July 1941
George Frederick Wagner 8 October 1888 Napoleon IN John Wagner/ OH Mary Baylor/ IN 4th child Dr. Hicks 5 July 1941
Carl Elmo Hammond 20 April 1904 IN Samuel A Jasper Hammond/ IN Susan Alice Platt/ IN 1st Child Attendance: Dora Platt Frames and Dr. Wilcocks 5 July 1941
Lorenzo Bogger Lewis 3 Sep 1902 Shelby Co IN Ernest E. Lewis/IN Essie Alice Bogger/ Shelby Co IN 1st child Dr. Howard of St. Paul 20 June 1941
Forrest Damon Scudder 8 June 1900 Shelby Co IN Jacob Clarence Scudder/ Decatur Co IN Oliver Elizabeth Buckler/ Shelby Co IN 3rd Child Dr. McCain 28 June 1941
Elza Pike 3 April 1908 Shelby Co IN James E. Pike/ Shelby Co IN Zora Mae McKee/ Shelby Co IN 5th Child Dr. Cohee 28 June 1941
Doris Evelyn McCain 2 June 1923 R R 5 Shelbyville IN Raymond McCain/ Johnson Co IN Myrtle Shanner/ Shelby Co IN 2nd Child Dr. W.W. Tindall 28 June 1941
Charles Buntin Sims 14 August 1902 Cyclone IN John C. Sims/ IN Icy Nora Buntin/ IN 1st Child Dr. MacMurry and Dr. Engleman 2 June 1941
Claude Kynes 27 December 1892 Shelby Co IN Lorenzo Dolo Kynes/ Shelby Co IN Sarah Elizabeth Rhodes/ Missouri 3rd Child   5 July 1941
Edward Allen Hungate 20 November 1902 Noble Twp Shelby Co IN George Jackson Hungate/ IN Harriet Brooks/IN 8th child Dr. Howard 12 July 1941
Everett Grinstead 16 July 1892 Jennings County IN James H. Grinstead/ Jennings County IN Mary E. Chaille/Ripley Co IN 1st Child Dr. Cox 12 July 1941
Homer Lucius Evans 25 March 1879 Monroe Co OH Thomas Evans/ OH Isabell King/ OH 6th Child   12 July 1941
John Daniel Williams 14 November 1900 R R Fairland IN Daniel P. Williams/ IN Rachel L. Berg/ IN 1st Child Dr. Wray 21 July 1941
Ernest Artie Tucker 15 October 1886 Edgar County IL Henry I. Tucker/ Shelby Co IN Ella McKee/IL 4th Child   12 July 1941
Lloyd Charles Clapp 5 March 1906 Shelby Co IN Frank Clapp/ Shelby Co IN Laura Frances Krebs/ Shelby Co IN 1st Child Dr. Parrish 12 July 1941
James Henry Taylor 25 May 1911 Rush Co IN James Henry Taylor/ Grant Co Kentucky Roszetta Scudder/ IN 9th Child Dr Midkeff 12 July 1941
Marion Emory Harrell 17 September 1883 Shelby Co IN Joseph Louis Harrell/ Shelby Co IN Henrietta Cox/ Bartholomew Co IN 2nd Child Dr. Mattox 12 July 1941
Richard Marion Reed 12 August 1916 Shelby Co IN Orville Marion Reed/ IN Catherine Elizabeth Crosby/ IN 1st Child Dr. Cohee 26 July 1941
Charles Earl Bokering 7 August 1895 Shelby Co IN Lewis F. Brokering/ Cincinnatti OH Laura Griffith/ Shelby Co IN 4th Child Dr. Jones  
Lorene Thompson Havens 17 February 1895 Shelby Co IN Walter E. Thompson/ Shelby Co IN Effie Haymond/ Shelby Co IN 2nd Child Dr. Strickler 2 August 1941
Garrett Carl Lawrence 25 August 1907 Shelby Co IN James Lawrence/ Shelby Co IN Anna Laura Server/ Shelby Co IN 1st Child Dr. Strickler 2 August 1941
Verne Leslie Hatten 30 August 1891 Shelby Co IN Abram Hatten/ IN Nancy C. Gregory/ IN 3rd child J.F. Taylor 10 October 1941
Richard Paul Collins 9 June 1913 Shelby Co IN Melvin Collins/ IN Margaret Ziegler/ IN 6th Child Dr. Parrish 11 Oct 1941
Stanley Lowell Sandefur 7 or 17 February 1906 Shelby Co IN Ora C. Sandefur/ Shelby Co IN Edna Pearl Tinkley/ Shelby Co IN 3rd Child Dr. Simms 11 October 1941
Ary Melvin Heck 20 December 1903 Shelby Co IN Gerdie Heck/ Shelby Co IN Dora Cochran/ Shelby Co IN 1st Child Dr. Simms 11 October 1941
Glenn Waynard Pherigo 13 October 1900 Shelby Co IN Claude A. Pherigo/ Shelby Co IN Julia N. Brooks/ Shelby Co IN 1st Child Dr. Predigrew 11 October 1941
Deward Edward Haehl Theobald 29 December 1910 Shelby Co IN Charles Edward Theobald/ Shelby Co IN Laura Anderson/ IN 1st Child Dr. Dunn 11 October 1941
Wayne Monroe Wicker 18 January 1895 Shelby Co IN William Thomas Wicker/ Shelby Co IN Sarah Elmire Wickliff/ Shelby Co IN 1st Child Midwife: Marcha Wickliff 11 October 1941
Harold Arnold Graham 18 February 1906 Shelby Co IN John L. Graham/ IN Fannie Arnold/ IN 1st Child Dr. Samuel Kennedy 11 October 1941
Bernie B. Fagel 8 February 1918 Shelby Co IN Franklin Fagel/ IN Katie Brunner/ IN 5th Child /3 living Dr. W.R. Turner 11 October 1941
Jess Maurice Aldridge 16 March 1904 Shelby Co IN Charles L. Aldridge Emma May Ballard/ IN 2nd child Dr. Dunn 11 October 1941
Enos Benjamin Copple 16 February 1910 Shelby Co IN Ziba Copple/ Shelby Co IN Maggie Bennett/ Shelby Co IN 1st child Dr. Miller 11 October 1941
Harold Charles Metz 2 March 1910 Shelby Co IN James Alfred Metz/ Lexington KY Louisa M. King/ Lawrenceburg IN 5th child Dr. Dunn 11 October 1941
Carl Edwin Murrell 4 March 1897 Shelby Co IN Thomas Murrell/ KS Mary Stevens/ Shelbyville IN 1st Child Dr. Bolby 11 October 1941
Paul Emerson Anderson 20 March 1917 Union Twp. Shelby Co IN Ebert David Anderson/ IN Hazel Mae Stinnett/IN 1st Child Will Kennedy 11 October 1941
James Albert Aulby 8 August 1909 Shelby Co/ Indiana John Aulby/ IN Sarah Keeling/ IL 1st child   1 Nov 1941
Arthur James Hendrickson 13 July 1880 Shelby Co/ Indiana Morgan T. Hendrickson/ IN Mary Kelly/ IN 4th child   18 October 1941
Mary Walker Hack 27 September 1879 Shelby Co/ IN Thomas A. Walker/ Indiana Margaret E. Higgins/ Indiana 1st child   18 October 1941
Roy Samuel Walton 27 September 1879 Shelby Co/ Indiana Claude S. Walton/ Indiana Sarah Annie Walton/Indiana 2nd child   1 November 1941
Maurice Miles Pickett 9 September 1911 Shelby Co/ Indiana Elmer Pickett/ Indiana Emma Miles/ Indiana 2nd child   11 October 1941
Earl D. Goodwin 23 August 1898 Shelby Co/ Indiana Othor Goodwin/Shelby Co IN Iva May Holmes/Decatur Co IN 1st child   11 October 1941
Frank Nugent 4 April 1922 Shelby County/ Indiana Earl Nugent/Shelby Co IN Lucille Bundy/IN 2nd child   11 October 1941
Clarence Russell Booher 19 April 1901 Shelby Co/Indiana Charles Booher/Shelby Co IN Sarah Gatewood/Shelby Co IN 2nd child   11 October 1941
Wilburt Alexander Garlitch 16 September 1883 Addison Township/Shelby Co IN George Alexander Garlitch/ IN Susan Elizabeth Walton/ IN 2nd child   11 October 1941
Edgar William Johnson 30 June 1901 Waldron Indiana Howard A. Johnson/ Indiana Eva M. Barlow/ Indiana 5th child   20 December 1941
Robert Chambers 16 September 1877 Howard Co Indiana William L. Chambers/Indiana Mary Baker/ KY 3rd child   20 December 1941
Carl Edward Phillips 6 November 1897 Hardin Co KY Lewis Phillips/KY Josephine Bess/KY 4th child   20 December 1941
Mildred Pemberton 27 December 1909 Green Co IN Tys Cowan/IN Esta Buskirk/IN 2nd child   20 December 1941
Winfield Scott Hancock 27 May 1879 Decatur Co IN Wesley Hancock/ IN Sarah M. Cowan/ KY 2nd child 20 December 1941
Roy Lewis Abel 12 June 1914 Shelby Co IN George Able/ IN Claire Means/ IN 2nd child   20 December 1941
Lloyd William Smith 11 August 1911 Pulaski Co KY Melvin Smith/ KY Florence Sullivan/ KY 4th child   15 November 1941
Cellie Ray Pendleton 16 December 1900 Casey County KY Benjamin D. Pendleton/ KY Mary Ellen Lewellen/ KY 2nd child   15 November 1941
Chandos Burl Bates 11 November 1903 Shelby Co/ IN William Bates/ IN Josie Hacobs/ IN 2nd child   22 November 1941
James Edward Griffith 4 March 1908 Shelby Co IN Claude L. Griffith/ IN Elizabeth Colclazler/ IN 6th child   22 November 1941
Arthur Talbert 17 November 1881 Shelby Co IN Barton M. Talbert/ IN Margaret Jane Fisher/ IN 2nd child   22 November 1941
Lavonne Nelson Talbert 9 October 1904 Rush Co IN Harry H. Nelson/ IN Ella Sharp/ IN 3rd child   22 November 1941
Edward Frank Weintraut 20 July 1896 Shelby Co IN George F. Weintraut/ Morris IN Magdalene Koell/ IN 3rd child   29 November 1941
Melbern Bennett Liles 24 August 1910 Ohio County KY Leman Liles/ KY Edna Bennett/ KY 3rd child   29 November 1941
Maurice Eugene Davis 22 May 1923 Shelby Co IN Chester B. Davis/ IN Pearl Alice Crosby/ IN 3rd child   29 November 1941
Clarence Cleveland Milner 4 July 1885 Shelby Co IN Thomas Milner/ KY Virginia Odell/ Shelby Co IN 2nd child   1 December 1941
Otto Dodds 24 July 1889 Norristown IN James Clinton Dodds/ Norristown IN Katie Kennedy/ Little Marion IN 3rd child   6 December 1941
Fredminor Butler 3 May 1896 Johnson County/ IN William Thomas Butler/ Johnson County IN Louisa Cochran/ Johnson County IN 3rd child   6 December 1941
Jesse Hubert Baker 6 December 1895 Shelby County IN Elmer Baker/ IN Katherine Brown/ IN 2nd child   6 December 1941
Carl Willard Courthney 17 December 1908 Shelby Co IN   Lillie Chesser/ Shelby Co IN 1st child   6 December 1941
Walter Aulby 28 March 1874 Shelby Co IN John Aulby/ IN Sarah Keeling/ Unknown 2nd child   13 December 1941
Charlie Ancle Priddy 28 April 1894 Kentucky Taylor Priddy/ NC Nancy Jane Tucker/ KY 10th child   13 December 1941
Denzel Leon Bogue 23 March 1907 Boone County IN Claude C. Bogue/ Shelby Co IN Addie Haines/ IN     14 October 1941
Ted M. Robinson 18 June 1896 Red Key/ Indiana Francis M. Robinson/ PENN        
Paul G. Woodmansee 20 December 1898 Brownstown IN Howard E. Woodmansee/ IN Eva Palmer/ IN 1st child   8 November 1941
Hazel Marie Sills Perry 12 July 1905 Fairland IN Albert Sills/Tipton/ IN Goldie Driscoll/ Fairland/IN 3rd child   8 November 1941
Elmer Edward Anderson 23 September 1895 Shelby Co IN William Anderson/ IN Della Anderson/ IN 2nd child   8 November 1941
Carl Stainbrook 14 August 1905 Shelby Co IN George E. Stainbrook/ Decatur Co/ IN Rebecca Ann Anderson/ Johnson Co/ IN 6th child   15 November 1941
Louie Osweld Chambers 22 November 1882 Parker Co Texas Joseph Chambers/ IN Zereldia Bozzell/ IN 2nd child   11 October 1941
Charles Holland Monroe 21 August 1905 Dearborne Co IN Elisha Monroe/ IN Lucina Crouch/ IN 3rd child   11 October 1941
Osborne D. Bottorff 12 July 1899 Washington Co IN Clen Bottorff/ IN Belle Douglas/ IN 4th child   13 October 1941
Frances Martha Fowler 24 April 1887 Morristown IN Charles V. Johnson/ Shelby Co IN Lucy Runk/ Shelby Co IN 1st child   11 October 1941
Daisy B. (Maddox) Walker 10 May 1876 Montpelier IN Joseph Maddox/ IN Katherine Carcuff/ IN 2nd child   11 October 1941
Harry Durbin Kuhn 6 July 1893 Connersville IN Richard Kuhn/ Germany Ester Price/ Fayette County KY 7th child   11 October 1941
George W. Sater   Monroe County IN Mansford Sater/ IN Emma Stalcup/ IN 5th child   11 October 1941
Charles Luck Murray 13 September 1899 Bagdad KY Edward Murray/ Shelby Co IN Mattie Marshall/ Shelby Co IN 9th child   11 October 1941
Ora May Newton 10 June 1891 Switzerland Co IN John A. Phillips/Switzerland Co IN Josephine Roberts/ Switzerland Co IN 2nd child   11 October 1941
Cassius McKinley Bennett 10 December 1903 Richmond IN Cash Bennett/ KY Mattie Scott/ KY 7th child   11 October 1941
Sherman Watson Hendrickson 25 March 1910 Senace Nebraska Charles S. Henderson/ Indiana Eva Elliott/ Indiana 5th child/3 living at the time of this birth   2 August 1941
Lewis Coen 1 December 1892 Decatur County IN William Coen/ IN Cynthis Fultz/ IN 2nd child   2 August 1941
Lewis Alva McAhren 5 January 1903 Orange Township Rush Co IN Robert L. McAhren/ IN Mahala Elizabeth Isley 3rd child/ 2 living at the time of this birth   6 October 1941
David Shelton Taylor 6 June 1923 Blue River Township Johnson Co IN William Taylor/ Brown Co IN Flora Handy/ Johnson County IN 1st child   2 August 1941
William Estol Pendleton 15 August 1907   Benjamin David Pendleton/ Casey County KY Mary Ellen Lewellen/ Casey Co KY 5th child   2 August 1941
Harry Volsey Moody 27 March 1881 Asteria Long Island NY Henry Moody/ London England Effie Amelia Volsey/ England 4th child/ 2 living at the time of this birth   2 August 1941
John William Watkins 29 August 1890 Marion County KY Richard C. Watkins?Missouri Malissa Noe/ KY 1st child   2 August 1941
Clell Miller McKinney 12 April 1891 Estille County/ KY Ellsworth McKinney/ Estille County/ KY Maranda Jane Barnes/ Estille County/ KY 1st child   26 July 1941
John Aust Niccun 24 April 1883 Elkhart Co IN William Cass Niccun/ IN Sarah Rebecca White/ KY 7th child/ 4 living at the time of this birth   26 July 1941
Curtis Wesley Taylor 4 February 1909 Madison Co IN Robert L. Taylor/ KY Anna B. Bayless/ IN 3rd child   2 August 1941
Joseph William Shields 11 April 1907 Falmouth KY Jessie Francis Shields/ KY Blanche Alice King/ KY 3rd child   2 August 1941
John Daniel Williams 14 November 1900 RR Fairland IN Daniel P. Williams/ IN Rachel L. Berg/ IN 1st child   12 July 1941
Ernest Artie Tucker 15 October 1886 Edgar County ILL Henry I. Tucker/ Shelby Co IN Ella Mckee/Illinois 4th child/ 1 living at the time of this birth   12 July 1941
Homer Harrison Hayes 27 June 1880 Bartholomew Co/ IN Lewis Hayes/ IN Jessie Carter/IN 2nd child   19 July 1941
John Robert Patterson 5 July 1900 Johnson Co R R/ Franklin Co/ IN Goodloe Patterson/ IN Eva Springer/ IN 1st child   5 July 1941
Paul Sullivan 6 November 1907 Indiana Springs IN Ernest E. Sullivan/ IN Belle Schooley/ IN 2nd child   5 July 1941
Everett Grinstead 16 July 1892 Jennings Co IN James H. Grinstead/ Jennings Co/ IN Mary E. Chaille/ Ripley County/ IN 1st child   12 July 1941

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