Shelby  County,  Indiana

Brandywine  Cemetery

          Brandywine Cemetery in Brandywine Township is located just northwest of the center of Shelby County, Indiana.  The cemetery can be seen on the west side of I-74 and can be accessed from Michigan Road (Frontage Road) by going south from the London exit or north from the Fairland exit.
          The land for the cemetery was deeded to  Nymphaes Bassett,  Levy Bishop  and  Abraham Bishop, as trustees of the Regular Baptist Church of Brandywine in 1839.  The owners of the property were  Lewis and Mary C. Morgan  of Johnson County, Indiana.

Susan Lindberg has contributed pictures of the Graham family tombstones in Brandywine Cemetery.
Mary Harrell Sesniak has many Brandywine Cemetery tombstone pictures on her website.
Judy Jehn's photographs are on pages 2-5 below.

Page 1
Tighlman Graham
Jane Graham
Nancy J. Graham                                                                                                               

Page 2
Joseph Oldham
Matilda Oldham
Robert P. Oldham
Margaret J. Oldham
Eleanor Oldham
John Oldham

Page 3
Barbara Harrell
Laura Harrell
W. H. Harrell, no dates
William H. Harrell, died 1889
Lodema A. Harrell
H. H. Harrell
Albert P. and Lindsey B. Harrell

Page 4
Harrell family stone
Mary J. Harrell
William H. Harrell, 1919-1973
William L. and  Maria Harrell
William Virgil and Sylvia Harrell
Jennie E. Harrell

Page 5
Sarah J. Culver
Mary Crow
Mary J. Boyd

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