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Ruggles/Ruggels  Cemetery

Moral  Township
Shelby  County,  Indiana


Note from Kristin Koch, August 2015:
          I am from Wisconsin but I am extremely interested in preserving the Ruggels Cemetery that is located off of W1050N in Fountaintown, IN. About 75% of the people that are recorded to be buried there are relatives of mine. The cemetery has fallen into bad times - it is in the middle of a field and of course, it is hard to visit it only when the crops are not growing. (I discovered what chiggers were on one trip!)
          But there are more stones that are buried and more stones that are disintegrating and I am determined to keep on trying to do what I can to preserve this little piece of heaven.
          Two things I wanted to ask you about: My understanding is that the cemetery spelling is actually "Ruggels" not "Ruggles" ....for the time which it was established. Also, on your web site, the connection takes you to "Ruggles/Canaan" Cemetery and there is a picture of some trees, etc. I do not think this is the Ruggels Cemetery but it might be the actual geographical location of the Canaan Cemetery for which I cannot find any stones/evidence. I think it was originally located across the road from the Ruggels Family Cemetery ( 39°40'25.71" N and 85°50'56.45" W).
          I think the two cemeteries should not be linked on the is a small point but the picture that represents them both is certainly not the plot of land that I know to be the Ruggels Cemetery.

Note from Kristin Koch, March 2016:
          There are two stones that are unidentified.  I can’t see anything that would help me decipher what might have been on the stones.  In the book about the cemetery, there is one listing for “Laura”.  This stone is presently near the graves of  Laura and  Almeda Campbell,  but their stone is in great shape so I doubt this is for her.
          With regard to the section “Unmarked Graves” in the cemetery book compiled by the SCIGS for Moral township, I have located:
      Ellsworth Campbell
      Margaret Campbell
      Sarah Moore
      Galveston Ruggels
The only stone I have not found is Henry Ellington.
          This cemetery is difficult to access due to corn/soybean crops around the area. I am applying for a Heritage Sign which I will mount at the entry of the cemetery (Yes, you can actually get through the entranceway now) – if approved.

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