Sand  Hill  Cemetery

or KEITH Cemetery
Sugar Creek Twp, Shelby Co. Indiana

AYDLOTT, John J., son of Jos. & Eliz., b. 7-24-1849. d. 07-19-1855;
AYDLOTT, Elizabeth, daughter of J. & E., b. 09-13-1846, d. 11-03-1861
BORDEN, Henry, b. 07-30-1875, age 27 yrs 1 mo. 20 dys
BURTCH, Nannie, wife of P. L. b. 06-06-1843, d. 09-18-1871
CLARK, Thomas W. d. 03-22-1855, in his 47th yr.
COLLINS, Emily Melvina, w/o Edmond, d 05-02-1856, 32 yrs1 mo. 3 dys
COLLINS, Margaret, d/o Edmond & Emily, b. 02-09-1851,
          d. 06-11-1853 age 2 yrs4 mo. 2 dys
COLLINS, Levi, b. 11-11-1799. d. 01-06-1852, age 52 yrs 1 mo. 26 dys.
COLLINS, Nancy, wife of Levi. d. 12-01-1850, age 44 yrs. 4 mo. 17 dys.
COLLINS, Corp LM , Co F 70th Ind Inf d Murfreesboro, TN, 09-10-1863
CROSBY, Nancy, d/o Geo A & C, d 09-12-1850, 2 yrs 6 mo. 19 dys.
CROSBY, Mary M., daughter of Geo. A. A C., d 9-11-1850, age 4y 7m 22d
CROSBY, Benjamin F., son of S. J. & C. E., d 5-20-1845
CROSBY, MAry E., daughter of S. J. & C. E., d 7-14-1843
CROSBY, Elijah, son of S.J. & C. E., d 7-24-1842
DANIEL, Molly b. 2-12-1762 in Orange Co. Va.,
          d 10-8-1850 age 89 y 7m 26d
DANIEL, William b. 5-12-1760, in Orange Co. Va.,
          d. 8-13-1855. Rev. War vetern
HACKER, Thomas S. d. 5-29-1858, age 69y 6m 11d
HACKER, John C. son of T.S. & M., d. 6-6-1843. age 23y
HADDEN, Scott b. 8-30-1867, d. 3-30-1880
HARRY, William O., son of J. & M.V., d. 10-23-1851, age 1y 10m 17d
HARRY, John, Co. F. 51st Ind. Inf. Civil War
HEINZMAN, Elizabeth E. d. 1-29-1849, age 25y 6m 26d
HENRY, George J., s/o William & Elizabeth, d. 7-27-1852, 2y 7m 24d
HENRY, James T., s/o William & Elizabeth, d. 5-23-1854, 1y 8m 15d
HENRY, Martha M. b 7-3-1865, d 5y
HUGHES, Sarah, wife of John, d 8-8-1866, age 39y 11m 12d
JOHNSON, Nancy J. b. 6-24-1844, d. 6-10-1888
KEITH, William D, s/o W. & N. b. 10-10-1840. d. 3-22-1865
KEITH, William, s/o James & Mary A, d. 10-13-1862, 62y 11m 8d
KEITH, Jane, daughter of W. & N., d. 6-5-1869, age 44y 9m 11d
KEITH, Ithamar S., son of Jesse & Susan, b. 10-18-1850, d. 2-4-1851
KEITH, John A., son of Jesse & Susan, b. 9-12-1848, d. 12-13-1848
KEITH, John Wesley d. 4-18-1851, are 1y 3m 5d
KEITH, Susan M., wife of Jesse, b. 9-13-1826, d. 8-10-1852
KEITH, John, s/o James & Mary, b 12-23-1789, d 6-14-1844, 54y 5m 7d
KEITH, Infant, daughter of D.A. & Ann, d. 4-8-1847
KYLER, John b. 12-8-1776, Bucks Co. Pa., d. 9-11-1850
KYLER, George, son of John & Margaret J., b. 12-1-1849, d. 9-2-1850
MAXWELL, Elijah d. 2-28-1851, age 11m
PHILLIPS, James d. 10-13-1842, age 31y 11m 1d
PRESTON, Emma R., d/o John I. & Christina, b 3-25-1858, d 5-11-1865
PRESTON, John J., son of J. & C., b 7-24-1864, d. 10-2-1876
RHORER, Mary, consort of Simon, b. 10-8-1823, d. 3-4-1843
ROSE, Eliza E., daughter of Jacob & Harriet, B. & d. 6-1-1855
SANDEFUR, Eliza A., d/o D.F. & M., b. 6-12-1862, d. 6-11-1868
SLEETH, Susie, wife of Wesley, d. 12-21-1878, age 50y 7m 9d
SMITH, James, son of James & Delila, b. 11-18-1846, d. 2-9-1851
SNIDER, Margaret, wife of John, b. 8-25-1805, d. 8-25-1862
SNIDER, James d. 9-24-1854, age 26y 6m 17d
SNIDER, Henry, son of J. & M., b. & d. 10-7-1847
SNIDER, Julia, dau. of J. & M., b. 5-16-1842, d. 3-2-1845
SNIDER, Rachel, dau. of J. & M., d. & d. 3-10-1840
SNIDER, Isola L. daughter of J. & E.A., d. 7-25-1864
STODGELL, Mary J (?), w/o George W, d. 5-18-1855, age 21y 5m 18d
SWANGO, Abraham d. 4--1863, age 58y
WHARTON, Eliza Ann, d/o John & Jemima, d 5-21-1855, age 9y 4m 10d

Submitted by Sherry Davis-Ellis

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