Tindall  Cemetery

South State Road 9

          After weeks of searching, we finally found the grave of my great-grandfather Mr. Paris D. Lewis.  He spent the majority of his life in Shelbyville, married to Nellie Myrtle Lewis (maiden name of Coyle) in Shelby County.  They gave birth to three children in Shelby County (Mary Edith Lewis,  Frankie Hazel Lewis  and  Huldah May Lewis).  He was born in Manilla (Rush County) on April 21, 1868.  There were no records there because their Courthouse apparently burned down in the late 1800's.  He died in Madison, Indiana (Jefferson County) on January 22, 1941.  Paris D. Lewis was laid to rest in Tindall Cemetery (County Cemetery), Plot #13. The Madison County Death Certificate says that his remains went to "Forest Hill Cemetery in Shelby County", but it is also inaccurate.  My family feels like there was almost no record of him ever being alive or living in Shelby County (except a record of marriage on July 7, 1895).  This is heart breaking, as he was such a good man (I have heard this from several older family members).

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