German Cemetery

Union Township, intersection of 100N and 700E

These records are available in a book published by the Shelby County Indiana Genealogy Society.

In the old section there are several gravemarkers inscribed in German.  Jann Rapp Demeire had two of these markers transcribed into English:

Maria Zeisz
German Inscription:
Der in Gott selig (friedlich) schlafenden gedenken
Ihrer liebe, sei uns Pflicht
Ireudig lasst den Blick uns wenden (schwenken?)
Wo sich alle wiederschen
Die hier Gottes Wege gehen

English Translation:
Thinking of her who sleeps (peacefully) in God
And of her love, let this be our duty
Cheerfully let us turn our eyes
To where all those will meet again
Who walked the paths of God while here.


Johann Zeisz:
German Inscription:
Gute nacht ihr kinder mein
Stellt eure Trauer und Weinen ein
Ich ruhe hier in meiner Gruft
Bis mich mein Jesus wieder ruft

English Translation:
Good night, my children
Cease you sadness and your tears (crying)
I will rest here in my tomb
Until my Jesus calls me forth again.


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