1910  Census
Liberty  Township
Shelby  County,  Indiana

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Line Dwl H/h Surname Given Name Age Sex Race B/mnth Relationship Sgl Mrd Wd/Dv Mrd Yr Occupation Blnd D&D Idiot Insane Hndcpd Sch Can't Read Can't Write B/pl B/pl Fa B/pl Mo      
The census microfilm contains all of the above categories.  Due to time and costs, we are trying to add the indexed version of the 1910 census as abstracted by Barb Huff (see below).  If you would like to see the microfilm, please contact one of us and we can make copies at the library for 15 cents per page.  It will take at least two pages to get the full line of information.



Given Name





1-1 HAYMOND Evorett M W 51 In
  HAYMOND Emma F W 50 In
  HAYMOND Manerva K. F W 24 In
  HAYMOND Ruby Fern M W 11 In
2-2 COERS George W. M W 39 In
  COERS Bessie F W 26 In
  COERS Glen M W 6 In
  COERS Justine F W 12/12 In
3-3 CLAY Oliver S. M W 31 Ky
  CLAY Nancye S. F W 26 Ky
  CLAY Mildred F W 2 Ky
  CLAY Malcolm M W 6/12 Ky
4-4 HODGE Thomas J. M W 52 In
  HODGE Blanch L. F W 35 In
  HODGE Mary J. F W 10 In
  HODGE Omer L. M W 8 In
5-5 HAYMOND John I. M W 64 In
  HAYMOND Mary F W 56 In
  HAYMOND Estella F W 33 In
6-6 LEWIS William F. M W 37 Ka
  LEWIS  Flora V. F W 30 In
7-7 CURTIS James J. M W 89 Ky
  CURTIS  Matilda Z. F W 79 Oh
  MOOK Carrie F W 33 In
  BUSBY James M W 56 In
  SLAUBAUGH Elizabeth F W 69 NY
8-8 HAYMOND Mary F. F W 60 In
  HAYMOND Mitchell P. M W 38 In
  HAYMOND Elsie E. F W 24 In
9-9 DAWSON Charles C. M W 29 In
  DAWSON  Minnie M. F W 29 In
  DAWSON  Walter W. M W 9 In
  DAWSON  Bernard J. M W 6 In
  DAWSON  Sylvia F W 4 In
  DAWSON  Glyds F W 1-4/12 In
10-10 PEEK John T. M W 56 In
  PEEK  Rose Emma F W 47 In
  PEEK  Robert M W 22 In
  PEEK  Rosanna F W 20 In
  PEEK  Edward M W 18 In
  PEEK  Carl M W 13 In
  PEEK  Earl M W 11 In
  PEEK  Nellie F W 10 In
  PEEK  Gertrude F W 6 In
  PEEK  Presley M W 3 In
11-11 AMSDEN Annie F W 51 In
  AMSDEN  Eleazer K. M W 24 In
12-12 SPARKS Jerome M W 53 In
  SPARKS  Alma J. F W 51 In
  SPARKS  Lysten Loy M W 26 In
13-13 LANTZ John W. M W 47 In
  LANTZ  Minnie M. F W 45 In
  LANTZ  Eunice F W 16 In
  LANTZ  Lois F W 12 In
  LANTZ  Josephine F W 9 In
14-14 SMITH Ebenezer M W 23 In
  SMITH  Grace May F W 24 In
  SMITH  ?Rohr M W 1-6/12 In
15-15 WORLAND David M W 52 In
  WORLAND  Minnie M. F W 35 In
  WORLAND  Morris S. M W 10 In
  WORLAND  Herbert L. M W 5 In
  WORLAND  Paul A. M W 3 In
16-16 TRUE Henry M W 21 In
  TRUE  Pearl F W 17 Ky
  TRUE  Forrest M W 19 In
17-17 HAYMOND Earl M W 27 In
  HAYMOND Myrtle F W 26 In
  McNEELEY Morgan M W 27 In
18-18 MITCHELL George M W 32 In
  MITCHELL  Sarah E. F W 20 In
  MITCHELL  Louis M W 3 In
  MITCHELL  Charles M W 2/12 In
19-19 HAYMOND Joseph A. M W 70 In
  HAYMOND Indiana F W 54 In
  HAYMOND Cynthia A. F W 72 In
20-20 MANLIEF Bennie M W 27 In
  MANLIEF  Josephine F W 20 In
  MANLIEF  Bessie F W 3 In
  MANLIEF  Ruth F W 1-4/12 In
21-21 RICHEY Walter M W 37 In
  RICHEY  Emma F W 36 In
  RICHEY  Robert M W 11 In
  RICHEY  Frank M W 10 In
  RICHEY  Walter M W 7 In
  LANTZ Susan F W 74 In
22-22 MAPLE David M W 62 In
  MAPLE  Mary F W 59 In
  MAPLE  Harvey M W 21 In
  MAPLE  Lena F. F W 17 In
  ROBEY Dorsey M W 22 Va
23-23 AVERY Clyde M W 25 In
  AVERY  Blanch E. F W 27 In
  AVERY  Harris W. M W 3 In
24-24 WELLS William C. M W 49 In
  WELLS  Mary E. F W 52 In
  WELLS  Fairy M. F W 10 In
  WELLS  Ray M W 2 In
25-25 MANLIEF Elmer M W 52 In
  MANLIEF  Mary F W 54 In
  MANLIEF  George M W 24 In
  MANLIEF  Adelia F W 19 In
  MANLIEF  Edna F W 16 In
26-26 SEVER Lionel M W 25 In
  SEVER  Eva F W 20 In
27-27 PATTER Clarkson M. M W 64 In
  PATTER  Lana H. F W 59 WVa
  MARSDEN Aura P. F W 34 In
28-28 STANSIFER Edward M W 37 In
  STANSIFER  Margaret F W 36 Ky
  STANSIFER  Edith F. F W 14 In
  STANSIFER  Winnie L. F W 13 In
  STANSIFER  Edna A. F W 3/12 In
29-29 WILSON Russell W. M W 37 In
  WILSON  Minnie F W 33 In
30-30 ST. JOHN Mary F W 73 Ir
31-31 HUBBARD Thomas M W 29 In
  HUBBARD  Lena F W 24 In
  HUBBARD  Lucile F W 3 In
  HUBBARD  Morris M W 1-8/12 In
  HUBBARD  Louisa F W 67 In
32-32 LARRISON William M W 51 In
  LARRISON  Sarah F W 54 In
  LARRISON  Alvin M W 25 In
  LARRISON  Carl M W 23 In
33-33 JONES Jacob M W 80 In
  JONES  Alonzo M W 55 In
34-34 WORLAND Malinda F W 56 In
35-35 BALES Albert M W 29 In
  BALES  Josephine F W 23 Oh
  BALES  Stella F W 3 In
  BALES  Marjorie F W 1/12 In
36-36 HAYMOND Frank H. M W 30 In
  HAYMOND  Minnie F W 26 In
37-37 BRISON Oscar M W 40 In
  BRISON  Cora F W 38 In
  BRISON  Claude M W 15 In
  BRISON  Bryan M W 14 In
  BRISON  Ronald M W 1-10/12 In
38-38 YOUNGMAN Deborah F W 75 In
  LYMPUS Fidela F W 82 NY
39-39 McCAIN John M W 80 In
  McCAIN  Effie F W 64 Oh
  McCAIN  Arthur M W 51 In
  ARMSTRONG Perry M W 41 In
  ARMSTRONG  Matilda F W 42 In
  ARMSTRONG  Herman M W 12 In
  ARMSTRONG  Eunice May F W 2 In
40-40 HUBER Eliza F W 63 Oh
41-41 WASHBURN Sarah E. F W 72 Ky
  CAGE Nora F W 44 In
42-42 GUTHRIE Francis A. M W 56 WVa
  GUTHRIE  Laura L. F W 50 In
  GUTHRIE  Francis C. M W 16 In
44-44 COY Balis L. M W 37 In
  COY  Lula F. F W 35 Mo
  COY  Ruby L. F W 7 In
45-45 GRUBB Sarah J. F W 70 In
46-46 McCOLLEY John M W 61 In
  McCOLLEY  Margaret F W 53 Va
  McCOLLEY  Ora M W 35 In
  McCOLLEY  Bessie F W 22 In
  McCOLLEY  Avery M W 9 In
  PARRISH Estel M W 13 In
  PARRISH  Earl M W 10 In
  PARRISH  Pauline F W 9 In
47-47 ARCHEY Joseph B. M W 69 Va
  VESS Mary F W 73 Va
48-48 CRITSER Sarah L. F W 69 In
  CRITSER  Fred M W 28 In
  CRITSER  Eva May F W 23 Oh
  CRITSER  Mabel F W 6 In
  CRITSER  Carl M W 4 In
  CRITSER  Auda May F W 3 In
49-49 CARROLL Mary Ann F W 89 Oh
  CARROLL  Alfred M W 35 In
50-50 BARNGROVER Austin M W 30 In
  BARNGROVER  Girtie Belle F W 29 In
  BARNGROVER  Audra F W 8 In
  BARNGROVER  Emerson M W 6 In
51-51 GREEN Arthur H. M W 58 In
  GREEN  Adaline F W 67 In
52-52 HUTTON Frederic M W 79 Gr
  HUTTON  Matilda F W 47 In
  COVAULT Ica F W 24 In
53-53 PENCE Sarah A. F W 73 In
54 RHODES Frank M W 29 In
  RHODES  Ora F W 24 In
  RHODES  Charles M W 10/12 In
54-55 RUSSELL Thomas A. M W 41 In
  RUSSELL  Anna F W 40 In
  RUSSELL  Erla F W 21 In
  RUSSELL  Edna F W 13 In
  RUSSELL  Gentry M W 11 In
  RUSSELL  Lewis M W 9 In
  RUSSELL  David M W 75 In
55-56 STROUP Isabell F W 70 Ky
  STROUP  Louella F W 48 In
  BARRETT Mike M W 49 Ia
  BARRETT  Georgia F W 38 In
  BARRETT  Russell M W 16 In
  BARRETT  Luther S. M W 2 In
  MELOY Henry M W 37 In
  LEMMONS Albert M W 35 In
  LELAND George M W 21 In
  THOMPSON Jessee M W 41 In
  MONROE Roy M W 18 In
  ALLEN Morton M W 37 In
  DUTY James M W 68 Ky
56-57 CARLISLE Jasper M. M W 57 Oh
  CARLISLE  Alma A. F W 58 In
  CARLISLE  Geroge R. M W 23 In
57-58 HAYMOND Thomas L. M W 70 In
  HAYMOND Sarah Ann F W 63 In
58-59 JONES Josie F W 45 In
  JONES  Raymond M W 23 In
60 WASHBURN Harry A. M W 36 In
  WASHBURN  Minnie F W 35 In
59-61 RICHEY William M W 64 In
  RICHEY  Martha F W 57 In
60-62 GLEASON Frank M W 32 Oh
  GLEASON  Myrtle F W 26 In
  GLEASON  Nellie F W 52 In
61-63 GILLMAN Malinda Z. F W 75 Oh
62-64 McDUFFEE Margaret F W 71 Ky
63-65 HAYMOND Adaline F W 66 In
  HAYMOND  Pearl F W 26 In
64-66 ALLEN Tabitha F W 77 Oh
  ALLEN  James M W 41 In
65-67 BERAUER Edward M W 36 In
  BERAUER  Lillie F W 39 In
  BERAUER  Wilbur E. M W 13 In
66-68 POPE Marion M W 45 In
  POPE  Carrie F W 41 In
  POPE  Ira M W 21 In
  POPE  Alta F W 16 In
  POPE  Jessee M W 10 In
  POPE  Ray M W 8 In
  POPE  Fern F W 5 In
  POPE  Scott M W 3 In
67-69 BARTLE James M W 36 Pa
  BARTLE  Stella F W 31 In
  BARTLE  Ronald M W 9 In
  BARTLE  Leo M W 7 In
68-70 ANDERSON John K. M W 50 Oh
  ANDERSON  Ista F W 37 In
69-71 LEWIS Thaddeus M W 70 In
  LEWIS  Edna F W 52 Il
  HECK Sarah A. F W 38 In
  HECK  Lewis M W 10 In
70-72 PETERSON Sarah E. F W 50 In
  BEVIS Lydia F W 48 In
  YEAGER Esta F W 34 In
71-73 LOWE Gabriel M W 52 In
  LOWE  Ethel F W 36 In
  LOWE  Russell M W 8 In
72-74 HEPNER Edward M W 46 In
  HEPNER  Catherine F W 45 In
  HEPNER  Charles M W 17 In
  HEPNER  Mary F W 15 In
  HEPNER  Margarete F W 11 In
  HEPNER  Aldrich M W 9 In
  HEPNER  Irene F W 6 In
73-75 RICHEY Harriett F W 69 Ky
  MANSON William M W 27 In
  MANSON  Elizabeth F W 27 In
74-76 HAYMOND Charles M W 50 In
  HAYMOND  Eva F W 45 In
  HAYMOND  Omer M W 22 In
  HAYMOND  Louelma F W 10 In
75-77 TRADER Belle F W 52 Il
76-78 TOOTHMAN Willis M W 31 In
  TOOTHMAN  Edna F W 37 In
77-79 SMITH George W. M W 68 In
  SMITH  Josephine F W 63 In
78-80 TEVIS Merle F W 60 US
79-81 STANSIFER Thomas M W 70 Ky
  STANSIFER  Adaline F W 66 In
80-82 JOHNSON Howard H. M W 44 Pa
  JOHNSON  Eva M. F W 44 In
  JOHNSON  Orra R. M W 19 In
  JOHNSON  Guy L. M W 14 In
  JOHNSON  Edgar W. M W 8 In
  JOHNSON  Eldo H. M W 7 In
81-83 McCAIN Thomas J. M W 65 In
  McCAIN Belle F W 49 In
82-84 TEVIS Mary M. F W 68 In
  BURTON Elmer M W 48 In
83-85 McCAIN Herschel M W 40 In
  McCAIN  Ruth F W 38 In
  McCAIN  Jennie F W 13 In
  McCAIN  Viola F W 10 In
84-86 LEE Joseph N. M W 47 In
  LEE  Mary E. F W 45 In
  LEE  Grace M. F W 14 In
  WENDEL Dora B. F W 23 In
  WENDEL  Alta F W 4 In
  DRAKE Manuel M W 39 In
85-87 LEE Dillard M W 20 In
  LEE  Ethel F W 20 In
86-88 BARLOW Homer M W 73 In
  BARLOW  Mary F W 63 In
  BARLOW  Roy M W 8 Ak
87-89 CORWIN James M W 63 In
88-90 SPARKS James M W 83 In
  BROWN Lavona F W 40 In
89-91 BURNS Louisa F W 68 In
  BURNS  William H. M W 35 In
  BURNS  Mary J. F W 38 Il
  BURNS  Mildred F W 16 In
90-92 LEWIS Rachel F W 69 Oh
91-93 DAVISON William M W 53 IN
  DAVISON GeorgAnna F W 48 IN
  DAVISON Lucile F W 18 IN
  DAVISON Pearl F W 16 IN
  DAVISON Elmer M W 14 IN
92-94 WILSON John G. M W 68 IL
92-94 WILSONRoxy Ann F W 67 IN
92-94 WILSON Henry C. M W 42 IN
92-94 WILSONClydeMW19UT
93-95STEWART ElmerMW25IN
94-96GARDNERCareyMW 36IN
94-96GARDNER Mattie F W 32 IN
94-96GARDNER Marie F W 14 IN
94-96GARDNER Rema F W 11 IN
94-96GARDNER ?Tekoa F W 10 IN
94-96GARDNER Mabel F W 9 IN
94-96GARDNER Julia F W 7 IN
94-96GARDNER Floy F W 4 IN
94-96GARDNER George M W 3 IN
95-97 HOWARD Edward S. M W 47 IN
95-97 HOWARD Ione F W 38 IN
95-97 HOWARD Gladys F W 17 IN
95-97 HOWARD Harriett F W 17 IN
95-97 HOWARD Arnold M W 11 IN
95-97 HOWARD Lucielle F W 10/12 IN
96-98 PERRY George M W 32 IN
96-98 PERRY Mary F. F W 28 IN
96-98 PERRY Leland M W 11 IN
96-98 PERRY Orville M W 9 IN
99 GOODWIN Erby M W 26 IN
99 GOODWINVerdie F W 20 IN
97-100 MOORE Elmer E. M W 39 IN
97-100 MOORE Viola F W 38 IN
97-100 MOORE Maud M. F W 17 IN
97-100 MOOREJames D. M W 15 IN
98-101 APPLE Mary E. F W 64 IN
98-101 APPLE Eva F W 40 IN
99-102 THOMPSON Minerva F W 89 KY
99-102 THOMPSON Ann F W 59 IN
99-102 THOMPSON James M W 52 IN
100-103 OWEN Jane F W 69 IN
100-103 MEEKS Leone F W 42 IN
100-103 MEEKS Nellie F W 15 IN
101-104 WILDER Sarah J. F W 84 KY
101-104 WILDER John M W 51 IN
102-105 GREENE John W. M W 66 IN
102-105 GREENE Margaret J. F W 61 IN
102-105McDUFFEE Vina F W 69 IN

Copied by Rochelle Riordan from an index created by Barb Huff

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